First Shenyang Ice Snow Hot Spring Beauty Contest featuring in bikini girls show in frozen cold skiing field takes place in Northeast China


Sexy China  Updated:Mon, Feb 25, 2013 08:27 AM   By Bernd Chang


The final contest of First Shenyang Ice-Snow Hot Spring Beauty Contest featuring in bikini girls show in frozen cold snow field took place in Shenyang, capital of Northeast Liaoning province on Saturday.

The Shenyang ice snow beauty contest lasted for about two months and has drawn local swimming trainers, professional dancers, white collars, college students, etc. to participate.

As many as 200 contestants took part in the ice snow beauty contest. And ten of them reached to the finals after being trained with skiing skills and enduring many ordeals.

The final contest featuring in bikini girls wearing little clothes in frozen weather took place at the Shenyang Guaipo International Skiing Field. After fierce competition between the ten contestants respectively in energetic activity, skiing sports skills, artistic talent, bikini show, and impromptu answering the questions of judges, three snow beauties smiled in the end and became respectively the champion, runners-up and third after two-month-long competition.

The ice snow beauty with the title of championship was awarded with 8000 yuan, the runners-up won 5000 yuan and the third winner received 3000 yuan, and besides, all the three were offered life-long free skiing in the Guaipo International Skiing Field.
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