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Sun Feifei (孙菲菲) is a Chinese actress from Shaanxi Province and a rising star. Sun Fei Fei graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. She was involved in 2011 red carpet wardrobe malfunction incident, in which she seemingly deliberately exposed her breasts....More

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Chinese actress,Sun Feifeia
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By Bernd Chang

Sun Feifei (simplified Chinese: 孙菲菲; traditional Chinese: 孫菲菲; pinyin: Sūn Fēifēi), born February 21, 1981 in Shaanxi, is a Chinese actress and a rising star.

After graduation from Beijing Dance Academy, Sun Fei Fei chose to commence a career as an actress. In the serial Perfect Father 父亲百分百, she portrayed a cute girl. Impressed by her lovely appearance and ingenuous temperament, the TV fans began to become acquainted with the new star. In 2003, Sun Feifei starred as cute Princess Jin in Ping Zong Xia Ying and her acting was accepted as very positive. In 2004, Sun Feifei starred as a obscure and shy university student Yang Xue in the Sino-Korea cooperated TV series Beijing, my love in 2004 and she captured a lot of south korean fans through this TV series. In 2009, Sun starred in a historical serial Kongque dong nan fei 孔雀东南飞, which featured a melancholy romance. With this TV series and her prominent performance she has been regarded as one of the first class Chinese actresses.

Sun Fei Fei graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. Her slender face, snake-like body attract high attention from the public. And under the bright spotlight she spares no efforts to enhance her capability and skills in acting. It is both her cute and sweet appearance and her acting enthusiasm and conscientiousness that make her highly popular among Chinese fans. Sun Feifei always provides a feeling of comfortability and sincerity no matter what role she played in a TV series and movie, either as Yang Xue in Beijing, My Love, or as kindhearted and weak Princess Jing in Shadow of Swordsman and Trace of Fairy, or clever and virtuous Yue Siying in Li Wei Dang Guan 2, or as gentle and virtuous Liu Lanzhi in Peacock Flying southeast. Sun Feifei is regarded as having the broadest roles in China.

Sun Feifei is not lack of pink news. She was involved in a red carpet wardrobe malfunction at the 2011 Esquire China Men of the Year Awards in Beijing. Sun Feifei's white dress sash was stepped on by event host Fang Ling (方龄), which resulted in her dress falling off and her skin-colored bra being exposed. Sun was looking stunning in a floor-length white gown as she posed for photographs on the way into the Esquire Awards. The comedic splaying of Sun's arms and her poorly conveyed mock-surprise, along with the exaggerated look of oops on Fang's face, give the audience the impression that the whole thing was a planned publicity stunt.

And there is rumors circulating among Chinese netizens that she had plastic surgery on her face. The rumor claims that Sun was actually an ugly woman and after the beauty surgery she seems to have been reborned as a lovely and pretty actress.

Profile of Sun Feifei 孙菲菲

Chinese Name: 孙菲菲 / Sun Fei Fei/Sun Feifei

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birthdate: February 21,1981

Birthplace: Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Height: 171cm

Weight: 50kg

Star sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Rooster

Blood type: B

Measurements:81, 58, 88cm

Profession: Actress

Education: Beijing Dance Academy (1993-2002)

TV Series of Sun Feifei

Gong 2 宫锁珠帘2 as Zhen Er (2012)

Bi Po Xian Zi 碧波仙子 as Jing Hong Yu'er (in production)

Deng Dao Sheng Li De Na Yi Tian 等到胜利那一天 as Mei Yun (in production)

The Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭 as Du Li Niang (in production)

Nei Xian 内线 as Chu Xiang Xue (2010)

Mei Ren Xin Ji 美人心计 as Qing Ning (2010, guest)

The Peacocks Fly to the Southeast 孔雀东南飞 as Liu Lan Zhi (CCTV, 2009)

Mei Gui Jiang Hu 玫瑰江湖 as Shen Si Ru (2008)

Yin Ai Zhi Ming 因爱知名 as Zhou Re Tong (2008)

Chu Liu Xiang 楚留香传奇 as Li Hong Xiu (CCTV, 2007)

Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma 叫一声妈妈 as Yuan Yue (2007)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood 碧血剑 as A Jiu / Princess Chang Ping (CTV, 2007)

Ai You Duo Shen 爱有多深 as Zheng Xiu (CCTV, 2006)

Ye Shen Bu Ning Jing 夜深不宁静 as Xia Ou (2006)

Kai Chuang Sheng Shi 开创盛世 as Princess Yue Rong (2006)

Seven Swordsmen 七剑下天山 as Dong Xiao Wan (CCTV, 2006, guest)

Wan Mei 完美 as Huan Zi (CCTV, 2005)

Xia Ying Xian Zong 侠影仙踪 as Liu Yi Xi (2005)

The Proud Twins 小鱼儿与花无缺 as Hua Yue Nu (2005, guest)

Beijing My Love 北京我的爱 as Yang Xue (CCTV, 2005)

Li Wei Dang Guan 2 李卫当官2 as Yue Si Ying (2004)

Heroic Legend 萍踪侠影 as Princess Jing (2003)

Zhong An Liu Zu 2 重案六组 as Tian Rui (2003)

Dong Tian Bu Leng 冬天不冷 as Deng Lu (2001)

Lao Ba Bai Fen Bai 老爸百分百 as Fei Fei (2001)

Movies of Sun Feifei

Ren Huang Fu Xi / 人皇伏羲 as Nu Wa (2009)

Zi Shou 自首 as Xiao Hong (2008)

An American in China 美国人在中国 as Mei Yang (2008)


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