Controversial sexy Chinese model Linda Sun Jingya: a cute, pure and lovely young model or a highly paid Green Tea Bitch?


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Linda Sun Jingya (Chinese: 孙静雅) is a Chinese artist, young model and a rising celebrity. She has earned some nicknames as Little Li Xiaolu (小李小璐), but her alleged participation in a sex orgy during the Hainan Rendezvous event ruined her fame and she was since nicknamed as green tea bitch.

Linda Sun Jingya (Chinese: 孙静雅) is a Chinese artist, model, actress and a rising celebrity. She has earned some nicknames in mainland China as Little Li Xiaolu (小李小璐), advertisement new favorite, and avantgarde young model taking the leading trend.

However, the rumors that she participated in a sex party during the 2013 Hainan Rendezvous event has ruined her fame and she has since been called as green tea bitch and a menu highly associated with her has been named: stir-fried black fungus.

Born August 24, 1990 to an artist family in Beijing, Sun Jingya demonstrated her talent and versatility since the childhood and is now a car model and fashion model trained by the famous New Silk Road model agency.

Sun Jingya won the China area charm award in the 2011 World Model Contest and she ranked in the top ten in the 2011 Lingerie Model Competition. With her pure and lovely face, sexy and curvy figure, she has been enjoying great popularity as one of the few post 1990s celebrities in the China entertainment circle.

Linda Sun appears frequently as cover girl on some popular Chinese fashion magazines such as Elle, Rayli, Basha, Men’s Fashion, etc.. And she is also an actress and has acted as supporting role in some TV series and movies. As a rising celebrity, it is not surprising that she endorses many brands in advertisement such as Panasonic digital camera, Nokia mobile phones, L'OREAL makeup, etc.

As some predict a super model is inevitably to appear on mainland China, the sex scandal involved 2013 Hainan Rendezvous event seemingly turned her fame into notoriety, at least at the moment.

Linda Sun Jingya saw her name-searching rocketing in Chinese social media shortly after the four-day event Hainan Rendezvous (海天盛筵) closed on April 2, 2013 which is the most famous luxury life style exhibition held annually since its inception in 2010 in Sanya , the tourist resort in southernmost China’s Hainan province.

However, it is a negative fame, or simply notoriety. A program of the Hainan Rendezvous which was claimed as high-end luxury cocktail party by organizers was said by some witness as sex orgy involving many big name Chinese celebrities including actress Huang Sheng Yi, moderator Xu Zheng, actor Sun Xing, Dee Hsu Xu xudi, Barbie Xu xiyuan, Pan Shuangshuang, and most of all, Linda Sun Jingya.

Pictures of the so called cocktail party or actually a sex orgy spread virally on Chinese social media as soon as they appeared. Linda Sun was discovered by Chinese netizens as one of the young models very active during the party.

There is post going viral on the Chinese internet saying Linda earned 600,000 RMB in just three days by having sex with numerous tycoons, actors and hosts. She was then called a highly paid prostitute.

And some mischievous Chinese netizens start to call her Green Tea Bitch (绿茶婊), and even name a menu associated with her: stir-fried black fungus (爆炒黑木耳), a dirty Chinese phrase implying her private area (which looks like dry black fungus) has been penetrated for many times.

With rumors and the insulting menu and nickname spreading across Chinese internet, Linda that liked to show her sexy pictures on her real-name verified Weibo account was pushed to an uncomfortable position. She changed her Weibo name to 无奈淡定郁闷 (helpless, calm, depressed) and deleted most of the obscene pictures of her, but it was seemingly too late.

Profile of Linda Sun Jingya

Chinese name: 孙静雅

Foreign name: Linda

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birth place: Beijing

Birthday: August 24, 1990

Height: 175cm

Weight: 52kg

Blood tye: A型

Star sign: Virgo

Measurements: 88, 61, 89 cm

Occupation: Fashion model, actress, car model

Education: Graduated from Beijing Apparel Academy

Agency: Oriental Binli Model Agency Co., Ltd.

Achievements: China area charm award in the 2011 World Model Contest; Top ten in the 2011 Lingerie Model Competition

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