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Yang Yu Ying has been one of the most popular Chinese singers in the 1990s. Yang was named the 'Queen of Sweet Songs' , 'Jade Maiden' in China for her delicate and youthful voice. Together with Mao Ning, they were called the Golden Boy and Jade Maiden of mainland China.

Yang Yu Ying, born May 11,1971, has been one of the most popular singers in mainland China in the 1990s. Together with male singer Mao Ning, they were once called the Golden Boy and Jade Maiden of mainland China.

Born on May 11, 1971, in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Yang Yuying (Chinese: ???), nicknamed Ganggang, is a Chinese celebrity, a famous Chinese singer and the first top sweet song singer. Her orignal name was called Yang Gang Li(???).

Yang Yu Ying displayed her singing talent at a young age, performing on the stage at 6. In 1985 she won a prize in a national singing contest hosted by CCTV. In 1991, she signed her first contract with Guangzhou New Era Audio & Video Co., becoming one of the first signed singers in Chinese mainland. Her songs are mostly related to love and romance. Yang Yu Ying looks very pretty, cute, sweety and significantly younger compared to her age and her voice is also very sweet, she has been called "Queen of Sweet Songs", "First Jade Maiden" of China. In 1990s she was the hottest mainland Chinese singer. Her first disc album was released in 1991. Yang holds the sales record of 1 million disc album on the Chinese mainland until today. Singing together with that time top male singer Mao Ning (??), they are called by Chinese the perfect golden boy and jade maiden (????).

According to Yang Yu Ying, in 1996, she met with Lai Wenfeng (???), nephew of Lai Chang Xing(???) and they felt in love with each other, then she gradually retreated from music industry. And in 2000 when the Xiaomen Fairwell Group Smuggling Case was disclosed and the relationship of Yang to members of Lai Changxing was exposed, the fame of Yang fell sharply. Yang had to withdraw from the entertainment industry.

She began traveling to many countries and studied in Canada. Recent media reports suggest that she will make a comeback in the near future after taking her 11-year break from the stage. In November 2011, Yang Yu Ying officially came back to entertainment circle and signed with Beijing Chengli Qiandai Culture Media Co., Ltd. In December 2012, she appeared in the rehearsal of the Spring Festival gala at the Shenzhen TV station.

Yang was named the "Queen of Sweet Songs" , "Jade Maiden" in China's mainland for her delicate and youthful voice. Her most well-known works include "Let Me Tell You Softly (??????)," "Bless for Love (????)," "Dream Flowers (???)," "I Don't Want to Say(????)," "Wait for You for Ten Thousand Years (?????)", "Heart rain (??)" and "Because of You(????)."

"Singing has changed my life. Working in the music circles for so many years makes me understand that life is colorful," Yang said. "And it is important to keep a calm and peaceful mood."

Profile of Yang Yu Ying

Name: Yang Yu Ying

Chinese name: ???

Original name: Yang Gang Li ???

Nick name: Gang Gang, ??

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birthday: May 11, 1971

Birth place: Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Height: 158cm

Weight: 44kg

Blood type: O

Occupation: Singer

Company: Beijing Chengli Qiandai Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Awards: Gold Medal in China Music TV Works, Top 10 Best Songs,1993 Most Favorite Singer
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