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Chen Hao (陈好), born 1979 in Qingdao, is a prominent and pretty Chinese actress and singer. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama, Chen Hao rose to top-level Chinese actress for her role as 'men killer' in 2001 comedy TV drama 'Pink Ladies'....More

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With the nickname of Men Killer, Chen Hao (born 9 December 1979 in Qingdao, Shandong, China; simplified Chinese: 陈好; pinyin: Chén Hǎo) is a first class Chinese actress, singer and model.

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By Bernd Chang

Chen Hao (simplified Chinese: 陈好; pinyin: Chén Hǎo) , born December 9, 1979 in Qingdao, Shandong province, is a prominent and pretty Chinese actress and singer. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama, Chen Hao rose to top-level Chinese actress for her role as men killer in 2001 comedy TV drama “Pink Ladies” (粉红女郎) and she has been nicknamed as men killer ever since thanks to her excellent performance in the drama.

Chen Hao was born in 1979 in the coastal city of Qingdao, in Shandong province. She entered the elite actor mill Central Academy of Drama in 1997 and majored in acting. She had already made quite a few screen appearances before her graduation.

Partly thanks to her sweet-looking face, Chen Hao was chosen to play in the film "Mountain, People, and Dog" (那山那人那狗) in 1998. Her young talent was vastly recognized and was given chances to act in a few other movies and TV dramas including "Lu Buwei, the Hero in Times of Disorder" (乱世英雄吕不韦).

Chen Hao breakthrough came in 2000/2001 in TV drama “Li Wei Dang Guan” (李卫当官) in which she played the popular leading role Yue Siying. The TV drama was voted as one of the top ten most popular TV dramas in Taiwan that year.

It was not until 2003 that Chen became widely known by Chinese audiences. That's when she played in the comedy TV series "Pink Ladies" (粉红女郎), adapted from hit cartoon series penned by Taiwan cartoonist Zhu Deyong. In the series, Chen plays a role called "Charming Lady in the Eyes of Every Men" (万人迷) or simply “men killer”. Chen Hao successfully played the character as having a charming face and figure, worshiping money, being complacent when courted by countless wooers, and refusing marriage. Since the release of the TV series, Chen Hao has been called by her role's name due to her apt portrayal of the "man killer".

Her success in "Pink Ladies" won her a string of typecast roles later on. She played the capricious younger sister A Zi in the TV series "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devil" (天龙八部), adapted from Louis Cha's (金庸) novel, and a beautiful college student in Huo Jianxin's film "Please Praise Me" (求求你,表扬我). She went on to play Diao Chan (貂蝉), one of the four ancient beauties in China, in the TV series "Three Kingdoms" (三国). She gave a convincing portrayal of a woman who has a stunning face, graceful posture, and natural body fragrance.

In 2005, Chen started to enter in the singing circle by releasing a singing album titled with her name  "Chen Hao". She won the most popular female singer award issued by Channel V the following year. After the success in her first singing album, she went on to  release a Japanese language album in Japan in 2007 called "Feel Your Heart Every Time".

Chen returned to the acting circle in 2009, shooting for films "No Trouble Making" (爱,不折腾), "The Founding of a Republic" (建国大业) and "Seeking for Someone Called Tiny Dust" (寻找微尘). She also did some voice work for the animated film "Malan Flower"(马兰花).

But what confirms Chen's status as a top-level Chinese actress is the role in "Live a Luxurious and Dispassionate Life" (纸醉金迷) which won her the Jury Award at the 2009 Seoul TV Festival. In the movie, she plays the leading role as Tian Peizhi, a woman who indulges in gambling and enjoyment in 1940's China. With her excellent performance, Chen Hao demonstrated that she is not only an actress with pretty face, but one that possesses a profound mind with all the tools needed to be an excellent actress.

Chen Hao married private equity tycoon David Liu Haifeng, CEO of KKR Greater China in 2010. She gave birth to a daughter in May 2011.

In 2012 Chen Hao returned to movie industry and played the leading role as Anni in the Zheng Xiaolong-directed movie New Story in Editing Department (新编辑部故事).

In May of 2013, Chen Hao was involved in the corruption case of Liu Tienan (刘铁男), the former chief of National Energy Bureau. In early 2006, Chen Hao and a CCTV moderator Zhang Yu bought 2.8 million and 2.17 million shares respectively of the state-owned company ST-classified Black Dragon allegedly following advice of some insiders. Three years later she sold out all her shares on the day when the company got relisted in the Shanghai stock market on April 17, 2009. She made a profit of 27 million RMB out of her original investment of 3 million RMB.

Profile of Chen Hao 陈好

  • Name: 陈好 / Chen Hao
  • Nickname: Hao Hao, Men Killer, Charming lady
  • Birthdate: December 9, 1979
  • Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong, China
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese zodiac: Goat
  • Blood type: O
  • Education: Graduated from Central Academy of Dramas with major in acting in 2001
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Representative works: Li Wei Dang Guan (李卫当官), Pink Ladies (粉红女郎), Three Kingdoms (三国), Live a Luxurious and Dispassionate Life (纸醉金迷)
  • Awards: Jury Award at the 2009 Seoul TV Festival, Most popular actress in 2011 Seoul TV Festival
  • Agency: Citic Guoan Media – Dongge Culture (中信国安传媒——东阁文化)
  • Family: Husband/KKR Chairman Liu Hai Feng (刘海峰) and daughter (2011)

Filmography of Chen Hao

  • New Story in Editing Department 新编辑部故事 as Annie 安妮 (2013)
  • Three Kingdoms 三国 as Diao Chan 貂蝉 (CCTV, 2010)
  • No Trouble Making 爱,不折腾 (2009)
  •  The Founding of a Republic 建国大业 as Fu Dongju (2009)
  • Seeking for Someone Called Tiny Dust 寻找微尘 as a police  (2009)
  • Live a Luxurious and Dispassionate Life  纸醉金迷 as Tian Pei Zhi (2008)
  • Da Huai Shu 大槐树 as Feng Yuan (CCTV, 2007)
  • Huang Shang Er Da Ye 皇上二大爺 as Concubine Zheng (2007)
  • The Great Dunhuang as Princess Fei Tian, Mei Duo (CCTV, 2006, story 1)
  • Who testify for you 谁为你作证 as Chen Wei (2006)
  • Beauty has difficulty in finding right man to marry美女也愁嫁 as Shen Tian (2006)
  • Yu Wang Zu Ji 欲望阻击 as Xiao Xiao (2006)
  • Wo Ai He Dong Shi 我爱河东狮 as Du Yue Hong (CTV, 2005)
  • Please Praise Me  求求你,表扬我 as Ouyang Hua (2004)
  • Shuang Xiang Pao 双响炮 as Lv Xia (2004)
  • The Luckiest Man 吉祥如意 / 天下無雙 as Ru Yi (2004)
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devil 天龙八部 as A Zi (CCTV, 2003)
  • The Story of Selecting Imperial Concubines 選妃記 (2003)
  • Pink Ladies 粉红女郎 as men killer or Wan Ren Mi (2003)
  • Zhai Men Ni Zi 宅門逆子 / 宅门逆子(2003)
  • Da Wan 大腕 (2003)
  • Li Wei Dang Guan 李卫当官 as Yue Si Ying (2002)
  • Lu Bu Wei: Hero in Times of Disorder 乱世英雄吕不韦 (2000)
  • Mountain, People, and Dog  那山那人那狗  as Dong minority girl (1999)


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