Chengdu Motor Show 2012 mocked as breast show, Auto model Yan Yu becomes instant celebrity


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Chengdu Motor Show 2012 that takes place from August 31 to September 9 in Chengdu of Sichuan Province is mocked by netizens as breast show. During the auto show, a previously unknown auto model Yan Yu becomes instant celebrity by revealing the full contours of her breasts in public.

September 8, 2012, Chengdu - On Chengdu Motor Show 2012 that takes place from August 31 to September 9 in Chengdu, capital city of southwest China'snow Sichuan Province, it is the sexy auto models that become the focus of public attention. And an until end of August unknown auto model Yan Yu 颜瑜 becomes an instant celebrity through wearing a fish-net shirt, leaving her chest completely revealed to the flashing digital cameras of the visitors.

The Chengdu Motor Show is the largest auto show in western China, it has attracted 420 auto dealers - both domestic and foreign - and is expected to have 600,000 visitors. On the first day of the 15th Chengdu International Motor Show (CDMS), however, it is sexy auto models wearing revealing dresses in stead of the several hundred dazzling cars on display that drew the most attention of the visitors as well as media coverage.

Among the auto models, Yan Yu, a previously unknown auto model for KIA Motors Corporation, has gained instant fame by wearing a fish-net shirt and miniskirt without bra, showing off her breast contours almost completely revealed to the visitors and her other hot assets. Some Chinese exclaim that Yan Yu was even more audacious in her outfits than the controversial model Gan Lulu who wore dresses leaving her breasts and buttocks halfly revealed several times in public.

Profile of Yan Yu shows that she is a 170cm tall, 50 kilogram heavy girl with three dimensions of 88-60-89cm. And Yan Yu was the champion in China in 2011 Miss Asia Beauty Contest.

With the motor show going on, numerous photos featuring the topless models, were quickly circulating on Chinese internet. Though many Chinese, especially the visitors exhaled joy and happiness that they could not only see the dazzling autos but also big breasts, a majority Chinese netizens frowned, expressed their discontent and even anger at the models and the organizers. Some Chinese mocked they had visited a breast show instead of a motor show. Some furious netizens criticized the models for seeking instant fame through behavior that crossed a moral red line.

Pressured by public uproar and criticism from above, the organizers quickly stepped in. Beginning from the next day September 1, all those wearing revealing dresses on the first day were banned from the rest schedule of the motor show and those companies using too sexy models to promote their cars were warned. And even plainclothes were hired to patrol in the exhibition halls to prevent inappropriate behaviors timely on spot. So far, no companies have been ousted from the exhibition.
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