Changsha 'bath & sauna center' puts up 54 posters of scantily clad girls on outer wall to attract clients because only fitness service is provided within the 5-storey building


Sexy China  Updated:Sat, Jan 11, 2014 04:16 AM   By Bernd Chang


A 'bath & sauna center' in Changsha hang up more than 50 posters of sexy girls on the outer wall of its 5-storey building to attract clients.

A “bath and sauna center” in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, thought it was a good idea to use 54 large posters of sexy girls hanging from the outer wall of its five-story building to attract clients. (It was a good idea; more on that in a bit.)

The 'bath & sauna center' was reported to be located in the vicinity of Xingsha Park in Changsha, Hunan province.

Take a look at the posters that are all scantily clad, provocative girls, and think over where you can usually find such large outdoor advertisements.

But do not think awry, as the name of the bath & sauna center, Mingyuechi Washing & Bathing City, tells us it intended to provide some fitness service which may includes washing, bathing, sauna, spa, foot massage, but no prostitution service, of course.

As a result, it had to remove the posters.

(Note: just kidding. It had to remove the posters because it’s 54 scantily clad women on the outer face of a huge building.)

Pictures of the “bathhouse” went viral on Chinese internet on Friday as major news portals joined in to publicize the “fitness center.” For the marketing department of the fitness center: mission accomplished.

“The posters are really shocking!” commented one netizen.

“The boss must be a powerful figure. Chengguan, do you know the bathing center?” commented another.

Shortly after pictures of the bathhouse spread online, chengguan stepped in and ordered all the sexy-girl pictures be removed.

[This story is also published on Beijing Cream.]

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