Talented and sexy Taiwanese artist and writer Annie Yi Neng Jing publishes bikini photo shoot, revealing hot figure


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Talented and beautiful Taiwanese artist and writer Annie Yi Neng Jing publishes new book, bikini photo shoot to greet new year 2013. Annie Yi was invited to 'have tea' for her Weibo voicing support of free speach during the Southern Weekly incident.

Talented and beautiful Taiwanese singer, actress, and writer Annie Yi Neng Jing entered the new year of 2013 with more brilliance. Her new book Fall in Love with Body ?????? has been officially online for sale. On the popular Chinese online bookstore Dangdang.com, hundreds of the book are sold out within several hours. In the book that takes her more than six years to finish, Annie Yi describes how to maitain beauty and enhance female fascination from the aspects of body, heart, and soul. The book is expected to break new record.

In the newly published bikini photo album, Annie Yi, at the age of 43, wearing bikini, looks much younger than her age. The bikini photos reveal a sexy taiwanese beauty with enviable figure. Yi Neng Jing thinks every woman should be proud of her efforts on maintaining beautiful. Beauty is not only for appreciation, but also a responsible attitute to life.

Annie Yi Neng Jing is a Taiwanese singer, actress and writer living in mainland China

Annie Yi (Chinese: ???), born March 4, 1969, also known as Annie Shizuka Inoh, is a Taiwanese singer, actress and writer. Born Wu Jingyi (???) in Taipei, Taiwan, she changed her name to In? Shizuka after her mother remarried a Japanese man, and then simplified her new name to Yi Nengjing upon returning to Taiwan in 1988 to launch her singing career.

Annie Yi is multilingual, she can speak fluent mandarin Chinese, cantonese, Japanese and English.

Yi Neng Jing rose to fame as a singer in Taiwan in 1980s and 1990s. She has been working in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. She has been very active in the entertainment industry in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and has published many popular music albums and acted in tens of movies, TV dramas. Since 1997, she has paid more importance to career in mainland China. In 2010, she was selected as a judge along with Zhou Libo and Gao Xiaosong for the popular TV program China's Got Talent broadcasted by Shanghai East Satellite TV.

Annie Yi Neng Jing cares not only beauty and fashion, but also society and charity. As the granddaughter of a veteran anti-Japanese war hero, Yi Nengjing is not dumb on politics.

Annie Yi Neng Jing was "invited to have tea" due to her microblogging during the Southern Weekly Incident

During the 'Southern Weekly incident', Yi Neng Jing has won applause from the Chinese netizens and her 6 million followers on Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter, for overtly surporting the Southern Weekly's protest against censorship. Her last microblogging, saying "Your rage lets me understand I am right; Your pretence makes me believe in my integrity; Your insanity makes me be aware of my sobriety; Your killing lets me know I am still alive", had been retweeted for tens of thousands of times before being deleted.

Just when Chinese netizens hailed her support for Southern Weekly, on the afternoon of January 10th, Annie Yi suddenly tweeted: "I am going to have tea, I hope the tea is good to drink". "Have tea" in China is a euphemism for undergoing some form of interrogation by the police. Chinese netizens started to worry about her safety. But as the Southern Weekend incident began to die down on January 11 Friday when the dispute between the Southern Weekend and propaganda department of Guangdong was reportedly resolved, Yi Neng Jing has reapeared on her Weibo. Certainly most of her remarks on the Souther Weekend incident have been deleted.
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