Zhengzhou kindergarten holds collective wedding for 100 and more schoolchildren, officiated by their parents and teachers


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A kindergarten in Zhengzhou city in Henan province held a special collective wedding ceremony for the 100 and more 3-6 years old schoolchildren. The master of the kindergarten wedding ceremony were parents and teachers of the little bridegrooms and brides.

Collective wedding in kindergarten is not unusual in China, but a wedding ceremony held for the children cared in a kindergarten is never heard for most of the people around the world.

But it does happen in China. And the children in the kindergarten are not dwarfs, but healthy and happy "little emperors".

On the afternoon of January 11, Friday, a special collective wedding was held in a kindergarten in Zhengzhou, capital city of central China's Henan province.

Has China returned to the old tradition that allows child bride and that it is the parents that determine who their children will marry?

No, calm down anyway as the collective wedding in the kindergarten was not a real one, although all the procedures were almost the same as that for an adult wedding ceremony.

The protagonists are the 100 and more children aged between 3 to 6 years old, and the master of the wedding ceremony were their young parents and teachers. All the new couples were required to wear wedding suits and gowns, and to exchange promise and rings with each other.

The group wedding ceremony began at around 3:50 pm in a hall on the first floor of the kindergarten. The happy pairs of boys and girls wearing brand-new wedding attire, hand in hand, lined up at the gate of the ceremony hall. The little brides appeared especially pretty like angels in white wedding gowns!

Their parents were waiting outside of the stage full of expectations.

At 4 pm, the kindergarten wedding formally began with song "Wedding is going on". As the little couples stepped onto the stage, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

Teachers and parents were the wedding officiators. Like an real wedding ceremony for adults, the grooms and brides were to exchange commitments and answer questions forwarded by each other like "Niuniu, you will marry Liangliang, if he gets sick, will you still be good to him?" "Baobao, you marry Lili, if other children bully her, will you protect her?"

When the officiator asked the question "why do you want to marry the other part of you?" All the new brides and grooms would answer unanimously "Because I love him/her!"

Then the bridegrooms would kneel down on single knee in front of their brides, putting the wedding ring on the finger of his beloved.

Of course, hugging and kissing would not be omitted. At last, the happy new couples would hold their partner firmly into the arms. The most intimate new couples would have a kiss in the cheek in front of their parents and teachers who would give best wishes to them!

And all the 100 and more baby couples “married on free love", according to the kindergarten.

Most of the parents thought positive of this kind of game, some thought it was helpful for the psychological well-being of their children.

A parent surnamed Liu said, "This game is good. My child understands much more than those in other kindergartens. Letting them have a taste of the marriage to kill their curiosity is a good growing-up lesson. In one word I support the kindergarten wedding game".
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