Zhejiang novice driver crushes her husband to death and kills herself when trying to back car into parking spot, witnessed by their 6-year-old daughter


Chinese Society  Updated:Thu, Jun 20, 2013 09:57 AM   By Bernd Chang


A couple died in the underground garage of a residential complex in east China’s Zhejiang province, when the wife tried to back the car into a parking spot under direction of her husband standing behind the car but accidentally killed both.

In a country where driver's license can be bought, drivers that are granted a driver's license are not necessarily skilled enough at running and stopping a car.

A Weibo microblogging post revealed that a couple died in a underground garage of the Yangguang Mingdu residential complex in Fenghua city, Zhejiang province in east China on June 18.

The accident happened when the wife tried to back the car into a parking space under direction of her husband who stood behind the car. The car accidentally crushed the husband to death, and when the nervous novice driver extended her head out of the car, she killed herself by having her face caught between the car door and the wall. The entire scene was watched by their six-year old daughter.

A reporter from Ningbo Evening News confirmed the Weibo report after some basic investigation.

An insider Miss Yang restores the tragic scene as below:

The Lexus car was driven by the wife, who had received her driver’s license only a few weeks ago, and her husband sat next to her. One of their daughter was also in the car.

When the car entered in the underground garage, the husband asked the wife to practice parking skills.

The woman successfully backed the car into the parking space at first, but not so skillfully. So the husband asked her to take more practice.

The husband stepped down and stood behind the car, giving direction.

Suddenly, with loud beeping of the accelerating engine, the Lexus quickly ran backward, crushing the husband against the wall.

Hearing the loud crying of her husband, the wife opened the door and extended her head out of the car while her hands still grasped the wheel.

The nervous novice driver then pressed on the accelerator and attempted to drive the car ahead but possibly mistook the reversing gear for the forward gear.

And just the last accelerating attempt tragically killed both of them: The car kept running backward and crushed the husband more tightly against the wall and the wife had her face being caught between the car door and the wall.

And their 6 years old daughter was sitting in the car and witnessed the entire tragedy.

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