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Peng Qiugen, a farmer in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province draws national applause by growing crops on a sky farm on rooftop of his 4-storey house....More

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Amazing 'sky farm': Zhejiang farmer Peng Qiugen grows fruits, rice, vegetables and other crops on the 120-square-meter rooftop of his house.
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By Bernd Chang

China appears to have utilized the rooftops of houses and buildings to the largest extent, with people rushing to build houses, villas, gardens and grow crops on them.

Peng Qiugen, a peasant in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province is enjoying the high yield of his “sky farmland” sitting on the roof of his 4-storey houses, Xinhua reported.

Peng Qiugen, a Shaoxing native, transformed the 120-square-meter rooftop of his house into a farmland several years ago. Since then, Peng has tried to grow rice, watermelon, vegetables and other crops on it and the experiment proved to be fruitful.

Last year, Peng harvested a total of 400 kilograms of watermelon on this small patch of "sky farmland", boasting of a 30 percent higher yield than a ground-level land.

This year Peng has grown rice on it. Although typhoon "Fitow" impacted the growth negatively last month, Peng expects the rice yield on the rooftop land is sufficient to feed an adult for a whole year.

Peng attributs the higher output to the compact structure of his rooftop farmland, which makes the problem of water loss and soil erosion less severe than a normal farm.

Unlike other rooftop constructions which are usually ruled illegal and required to be demolished within time, local authority appears to have no objection to Peng’s house roof farm.

Finally, a story can not be called a full story without comments from Chinese netizens. While most of them do not hesitate to praise the creativity of the Zhejiang farmer, some interestingly think more highly of the construction quality of his house.

NetEase user 运输大队长: The house has awesome waterproof layer in it and surprisingly capable of preventing water from leaking down.

A NetEase user from Zhengzhou, Henan: The house is warm in winter, cool in summer and provides rice to eat, I must support the creativity!

NetEase user from Shenzhen, Guangdong: Masters hide among the folk. Property developers rush to learn waterproof technology!

NetEase user 醒目的鱼儿 : The “sky farm” created by genius should spread across the country.


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