Shrewd peddlers earn money by providing ladders for jaywalkers to scale a fence as shortcut to bus station on the other side of the street in Wuhan    (0/3)


Profitable business: Wuhan peddlers provide stepladders to help jaywalkers to scale the highway partition to reach nearest bus station across the street at price of 1 yuan....More

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Want to reach the nearest bus station on the other side of the street but unable to scale the fence that divides the two sides of the highway? then pay one yuan to use the stepladder.
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By Bernd Chang

Some shrewd peddlers set up several stepladders under a viaduct in front of a popular amusement park in Wuhan to help jaywalkers to scale a fence as shortcut to the nearest bus station on the other side of the street, Wuhan Morning Post reported October 3rd, 2013.

As there is no overpass to go across the Huanle Expressway in front the gate of the Disneyland-style theme park Happy Valley in Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei province, visitors to and out of the park have to make a detour of around 1000 meters to commute between the nearest bus station and the park gate at a linear distance of less than 100 meters.

The inconvenience of crossing street, the Chinese diehard habit of jaywalking and the large number of visitors during the 7-day-long National Day holiday, nicknamed Gold Week (for commerce), provides profitable business for some astute street businessmen.

Wuhan Morning Post has more details:

The astute pedlars collected one yuan for every climb-over of the 1.5-meter-tall fence under the expressway viaduct.

Jaywalkers could save the one yuan if they were able to scale the fence without help of a ladder, as some nimble young men did.

Some women wearing skirt were spotted climbing over the fence, regardless of the risk of exposing their private parts.

Uncivilized behavior and dangerous jaywalking of the pedestrians? Or it is the city planners at fault by not building convenient overpasses? Chinese netizens' opinions are devided.

It is not a problem of the low quality of Chinese citizens, but a problem of the failed social education, commented one user of

It is obviously the imperfection of the city planning that should be blamed, commented another.


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