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On May 12, a 'Women Group Advocating Alcohol Prohibition' was organized in Foreigner Street of Chongqing in southwestern China to go against drunk driving....More

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Members of the "Women group advocating alcohol prohibition" hold banners encouraging drivers not to drive drunk in Chongqing on May 12, 2011. From left to right, the banners mean respectively:Life is precious, No driving after alcohol drinking; Alcohol prohibition is just slogan, action is most required; Ask the heaven, how many drunk drivers survive;Drunk drive is criminalized.
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By Bernd Chang

On May 12, a "Women Group Advocating Alcohol Prohibition" was organized in Foreigner Street of Chongqing in southwestern China. It is said that the women of this group will patrol on streets of Chongqing, hold banners of alcohol prohibition, distribute leaflets, ask drivers to sign for opposing drunk driving on every weekends and holidays.

Last month the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, passed an amendment to the Criminal Law that criminalizes drunk driving even when there is no resulting death or injury.

Under the revised law, those who are caught driving drunk or racing cars will be charged with the crime of “dangerous driving,” which carries a jail term of one to six months.


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