Topless environmentalist protests against Ginseng planting in Beijing


Chinese Society  Updated:Mon, Aug 20, 2012 10:48 AM   By Bernd Chang


A group of Chinese environmentalists suddenly appeared at a jinseng presentation conducted by a Jilin company in Chaoyang Park of Beijing and protested against ginseng planting. Among them a topless female environmentalist gained most of the attention.

August 20,2012, Beijing - Yesterday a company from Tonghua of Northeast China's Jilin Province conducted promotion activities for its Ginseng products in Chaoyang Park of Beijing. But shortly after the product presentation began, a group of Chinese environmentalists appeared and disturbed the Ginseng promotion activities. The environmentalists went on to the stage, tried to seize the microphone of the hostess, held banners saying "Planting ginseng is amount to destroying forest", "Oppose excessive business promotion, support harmonious environment", "Plant less ginseng, leave more forest", etc. During the protest, a topless female environmentalist gained most of the attention. The woman wore nothing except a face mask and an underpant, ran around the promotion spot and shouted slogans against ginseng planting at the cost of forests.

Ginseng, the root of which resembles human legs, is a herb highly valued by tradional Chinese medicine. It is said that the demand for ginseng insite and outside of China has increased rapidly. But Ginseng is difficult to grow. The soil for culturing ginseng is required to contain certain amount of organics, nutrients, etc. Ginseng can only grow on forest soil in cooler temperature in Northeast China, and to grow it, forest has to be chopped down. And the land can only culture one season of ginseng, then the land is almost left useless.
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