Generous Tianjin parents give 99 rolls of uncut bills worth 10 million yuan as part of the dowry to their daughter ahead of lavish wedding


Chinese Society  Updated:Mon, Dec 9, 2013 03:31 AM   By Bernd Chang


Tianjin billionaire married off his daughter with a gigantic dowry including 99 rolls of uncut banknotes, real estate properties, and luxury limousines.

Wealthy Tianjin parents gave their daughter a gorgeous dowry that included real estate properties, luxury cars, and 99 rolls of uncut banknotes of various currencies, Chinese netizens revealed recently.

Attendees to the wedding ceremony said that just the 99 rolls of uncut banknotes are worth 10 million RMB.

99 is a lucky number in China which has an implied meaning of everlasting and unchanging love.

The real estate properties the generous parents gave their daughter as dowry included brand name ones located in Tianjin and Beijing where property price is sky-high, which means they can be worth millions of yuan.

The luxurious limousines were understandably worth at least one million yuan.

Properties and luxury cars are common dowries for daughters of the wealthy Chinese parents, but few Chinese have ever heard of uncut banknotes, which are usually issued in limited volume and often collected as a hobby or investment globally, according to online knowledge.

The extravagant dowry has drawn wishes but more jeers as well as criticism from Chinese online spectators.

Netease user 乱世走卒:  This is typical phenomenon in a money-worshiping society.

A Netease user from Guigang city, Guangxi: It is a society in which wine and meat rot behind vermilion gates while at the roadside people freeze to death !

Netease user from Changsha city, Hunan province: Lack of literacy, morality, and self-cultivation, the parents are just another nouveau riches!

Netease user  金三世: The daughter will not treat the connected bills fairly without giving birth to a pair of connected babies!

A Netease user from Hubei province: I see a Tuhao (土豪, literarily means uncouth rich or local lords, now being used more as a term to mock China's flashy nouveaux riches).

A Netease user from Xi’an, Shaanxi province: Where can I get the uncut bills? Take from the money printing manufacturer?

A Netease user from Datong city, Shanxi province: Lack of morality, they are too poor to have only money!

A Netease user from Yangjiang city, Guangdong province: It appears there are large number of losers hating the rich.

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