This nail house in Qingdao stands like a lone island in middle of a construction site


Chinese Society  Updated:Wed, Dec 25, 2013 08:19 AM   By Bernd Chang


A nail house standing on a mound in middle of a construction site in Qingdao has drawn nationwide attention on Christmas Day.

Nail houses that refer to homes belonging to people who refuse to make room for development are really common thing in China and on the Christmas Day of 2013 we see this one in Qingdao.

This nail house was spotted to stand on a mound in middle of a construction site near the Shan Shui Jia Yuan residential complex on the Helongjiang Road in Chengyang district, Qingdao, a major port city in northern China’s Shandong province, People's Daily reported.

With trucks and bulldozers bustling in excavating and transporting earth out of  the construction site, the pit in the site has already been four to five meters deep, making the bungalow house and the underlying mound looking like an lone island.

There is no road to the house and it is understood electricity and water supply has been cut off long time ago.

It is said the house had been there for two years and the house owner has left for some time.

The house reminds people of the so far most famous nail house in Chongqing the owner of which refused for two years to vacate their home their family had inhabited for three generations. Developers cut their power and water, and excavated a 10-meter deep pit around their home.

Just days ago, a multi-storey building in the same city of Qingdao drew media attention after pictures spread online showing a newly built road along the sea coast had to be split into two ways to avoid the building, which has been called the sea view nail building of Qingdao.

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