The amazing story of a Guangdong boy who plays, sleeps and lives with a gigantic PYTHON for years, which is big enough to swallow an adult human


Chinese Society  Updated:Wed, Jan 30, 2013 06:27 AM   By Bernd Chang


All animals can be cooked as food and python has been a delicious dish not affordable for every resident. But now not all Guangdong people have this concept any more. In the eyes of 13 years old Guangdong boy A Zhe, a python has been his closest friend for years.

Most people are scared to see a snake, not to mention a gigantic python. But it is not for A Zhe, 13 years old boy from Dongguan city, Guangdong province in south China.

Since he was born, A Zhe has played, slept with a python, which is now big enough to swallow an adult human being. Actually, the big python has been his best friend for years.

A Zhe’s father, a python fan and animal lover, bought a python egg and hatched the python at his home. When A Zhe was born, the python was already 6 years old and weighed 20kg. A Zhe made friendship and started to play with the python as an 9-month-old infant, when his parents were busy with their jobs and left A Zhe at home alone with the python.

The two prove to be companions in adversity. In the hot summer, the python is natural air conditioner for A Zhe, while in winter, A Zhe warms up his friend with his own body.

The two get very well along with each other, according to A Zhe's father, the python has never hurt his son. And the big python appears to be very active and happy when A Zhe stays with it.

And A Zhe has been loath to part with the Big Python since having this lively and lovely friend. A Zhe has not much interest in toys as other boys in his age and has seldom asked for them from his parents.

When the weather is good, A Zhe will bring his “old friend” to have a walk outside and bath in the sun.

A Zhe was in bad mood for a long time last year when he could not stay with his "old friend" day and night because he was enrolled in a distant middle school and could only come back home on weekends.

A Zhe’s highest ideal is to become an animal expert and make more animal friends when he grows up. In A Zhe’s world, all animals have right to share the earth with human beings and all animals can be humans’ friends, his father says.

Yes, A Zhe is right, the close relationship between a dangerous animal and a little boy indicates that all animal can be friends of human beings. As China enters into the impending traditional Chinese lunar new year of snake that begins on Feb. 10, 2013, we hope more and more Chinese will treat animals as a life that has equal basic rights as a human being.
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