Survey shows 70 percent Chinese youths not sexually happy, half of urban Chinese white collars have sex fewer than once per month


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Dec 8, 2012 08:34 AM   By Bernd Chang


A recent survey shows the health conditions of Chinese urban white collars are not optimistic. According to the survey, 70% urban white collars are not sexually happy due to high pressuren. Half Chinese youths have sex frequency of fewer than once per month.

Urban white collars are usually envied by other Chinese as having high income and comfortable working environment. But it does not mean they enjoy happier life than the rest people.

A recent survey conducted by China Doctors Association and China Hospital Association through studying questionnaire and physical exam reports of 260,000 people, shows the health conditions of urban Chinese white collars are not optimistic.

According to the survey report, 70 percent urban white collars are not sexually happy (??) or sexually satisfied due to busy work, high-pressure living conditions. And obesity also hampers sexual capability.

In the survey on having sex frequency, 30.8% Chinese youths have sex fewer than once a month, 23.1% one to two times, 23.1% have sex more than 5 times every month.

The number of urban single men and women is increasing. And of these people, more than 50% satisfy their sex needs through masturbation with hand, 23.1% through self-repression or diverting attention, and 15.4% use adult masturbating tools.

The survey also shows 80% Chinese urban white collars have insufficient sleep. Although 70% Chinese youths say they sleep 6-8 hours per day, only 23% say they sleep well, the rest are either inflicted with daytime somnolence or nocturnal insomnia. Approximately 8% say they can only fall asleep with help of sleeping bills.

The cause of sleeping difficulity is believed to be high pressure Chinese youths endure, which is testified by the survey. The survey shows Chinese youths are under high pressure. Only 7.5% say they have no pressure. 9.7% have little pressure, 35.8% say they endure relative high pressure, 11.9% say they endure very high pressure. And 32.3% of the pressure comes from work. 20.8% comes from supporting the family.

The survey reveals the number of Chinese youths suffering from high blood cholesterol is increasing and the white collars of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen have the highest average blood cholestrol level. And among the four first-class Chinese metropolis, Guangzhou records the highest proportion of people having abnormal blood cholestrol level.

In addition, obesity is also an increasing problem for Chinese youths. The percentage of obese Chinese youths for the age group of 20-29 is 6.62%, and for age group 30-39, the percentage increases to 10.82%.
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