No, it is not bicycle art! Residential compound in Shenyang strengthens the surrounding iron fence with 60 discarded bicycles filled in the holes


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, Apr 14, 2013 04:48 AM   By Bernd Chang


A residential compound in Shenyang in northeast China’s Liaoning province tried to enhance the surrounding fence with more than 60 discarded bicycles. It is not an art work of bicycle, but a last-ditch move.

Bicycles, iron bars, timber rods, all are seen hung up along the 200 meter long fence of the residential Jiahuayuan compound in Tiexi district, Shenyang city, Liaoning province in northeast China.

The 60 bicycles are not used to perform a bicycle art work, but a last-ditch move of the property management company to strengthen the surrounding fence for security concern.

Jiahuayuan is a sealed off large residential compound with iron fence and barbed wire erected around the compound to keep strangers and potential thieves away. There are only two gates (south gate and east gate) in the compound for residents to get in and out. Problems emerged when a large supermarket opened to the north of Jiahuayuan several years ago. To avoid a 500-meter long detour to reach the supermarket for shopping, some lazy residents secretly destroyed the north part of the iron fence so that they get in and out by shortcut.

The holes on the fence made the originally enclosed residential compound an open one and facilitated strangers to get in and out, which cause security problems. And it was reported by some residents that their houses were intruded by thieves.

The property management company had to repair the fence with iron bars and rods welded in the fence holes, only to find it got broken again shortly.

Finally the property management company thought of new measurements. They collected some discarded bicycles and used them to fill the holes of the fence.

And it works! Every bicycle is bound with iron wire to the iron rods of the fence left undestroyed. The holes are sealed off with the bicycle tires, which makes it impossible for a person to get through.

Altogether more than 60 discarded bicycles are used to fill all the holes along the 200-meter long north part of the iron fence of the residential compound.

But since it is not art work, it is not a pleasing view to see tens of discarded, rotten bicycles hung up on the fence of an actually noble residential community, bemoaned a resident of the compound.

The good news is that the property management company is planning to open a third gate in the north part of the compound.
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