Shenyang decorates dead trees with fake leaves to make the city look greener in winter


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Nov 9, 2013 09:27 AM   By Bernd Chang


Shenyang in northeastern Liaoning province has installed fake leaves and branches on dead trees to make the city look greener in winter when most trees become yellow or leafless.

The northeastern Chinese metropolis Shenyang has entered into bitter cold winter with most trees and lawns becoming yellow to grey, but several trees on the bustling commercial center Dongzhongjie Pedestrian Street are still flourishing with lush green leaves.

The outstanding greenery draws many curious passersby to come to have a close look and the reason why they can remain green in winter is disclosed in minutes: they are fake leaves.

A reporter of has done some investigation and was told that the ‘green’ trees were actually dead for some time and were brought by city management officers to the bustling street after decorated with artificial branches and leaves.

Some local residents have expressed their discontent at the practice of the Shenyang authority, saying installing artificial leaves on real trees does not comply with law of nature and is prone to mislead children.

The Chinese online citizen are more critical of this kind of greening method thought out by Shenyang officials. user 苗氏家族: They do none of their duties, but one equals to two as to faking, that is the current society, so sad. user 老李飞飙: Nowadays government departments are only good at image project. They only care the outside appearance!

A user: It is a waste of public money!

A user: Fake is everywhere in China, what is wrong with this society?

A user: They are cheaters!

Shenyang is not the first Chinese city and surely will not be the last one to make the city look green by some unnatural means. Early this year, Chengdu drew nationwide attention and criticism when found to use colorant to dye city view lawn green to make the city look more environment friendly.

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