Shaanxi forced abortion victim branded traitor of China for being interviewed by foreign media


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Dec 22, 2012 22:48 PM   By Bernd Chang


According to a weibo report, local officials in Shaanxi Province held up banners describing Feng Jianmei's family as traitor of China for being interviewed by foreign media. In early June local officials forced Feng to abort baby at 7 months for not paying fine of RMB40000.

Following is a weibo(Chinese twitter) reports:

@邓飞:#Zhenping Extra#Deng Jiyuan (husband of Feng Jianmei) has run away. Local officials are searching for him. What kind of wind can the father of the aborted 7-month old fetus trigger?

@邓飞: 【Family planning victims was branded as traitor of China】The forced abortion incident that took place in Zengjia Town, Zhenping County, Ankang City of Shaanxi Province in early June 2012 sparks outcry and criticism in China and the world, which brought the Shaanxi officials in an embarrassed situation. According to reporters, local government have arranged personnel to hold up banners saying "Beat up and expel the traitor out of Zengjia Town" in front of Deng Jiyuan's house due to an interview Deng's family received from foreign media. Currently members of the Deng family are all being followed and monitored and they can not return although they have home. It is forceable that larger incident will occur here.

@彭远文:It is the picture that make me most angry in this year. Today, some people in Zengjia Township of Zhenping County held up such a banner saying "Beat up and expel the traitor out of Zengjia Town" --- just because the couple Deng Jiyuan and Feng Jianmei received interview from foreign media (Deutsche Welle or German Voice), Deng family become traitor? What kind of filthy humans can do such a shameless thing!

@邓吉彩:They came in large group and surrounded us and kept calling us as traitor selling out China. And they held banners. I suppose even those having little of common sense understand what traitor means. Who on earth are blacking the country? Whom on earth belongs the country? Where is the justice? Who can tell us where is our hope?

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Seven-month pregnant mother Feng Jianmei in China was recently beaten by family planning officials and forced to abort her unborn daughter when her family could not afford RMB40000 fine. A graphic image of the aborted baby lying next to the mother has been posted on the Web and aroused indignation from the public.
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