Sexy Models,Not Automobiles,Stir Excitement at 2012 Beijing Auto Show


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Though a total of 1,125 cars are on display at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, many Chinese netizens said they enjoyed a ‘breast show’ rather than a car exhibition after pictures featuring nearly topless models circulated online.

Beijing, April 29,2012 - Authorities in Beijing have issued a "serious reprimand" for the ongoing Beijing auto show 2012 which has stirred controversy for its scantily-clad models, Xinhua reported.

With the history of over two decades, thanks to the huge automobile consumer markets in China and rapid growth of Chinese auto industry, Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, known also as Auto China, organized every two years, has been globally recognized as the one of the most important auto shows in the world.

The quickly expanding Chinese car market has made the 2012 Beijing Auto Show,held from the 27th April to 2nd May, more important than ever. Over 800,000 visitors are expected to visit the show in the one week that it is open. In addition to the visitors, of course, every player in the global auto industry are present. Over 2,000 assemblers and component suppliers from 14 different countries are showcasing their products this year.

Automobile exhibitors hire sexy Chinese models to attract photographers and visitors

The competition among automobile exhibitors for visitors and exposure is too fierce.

It is no secret that car companies do everything possible to get sexy girls standing near their cars at the big international auto shows. And it is no secret that some car companies want their girls to be a little hotter than the girl standing by the car next door. But in Beijing this week, the competition went a little too far and, if you read the “automotive” blogs and social network websites in China, no one is talking about the cars and everyone is talking about the girls.

The 10-day Auto Show, which started on April 23rd and ends this Wednesday May 2nd, has over 1,125 cars on display. But all the talk has been around the car models, rather than the cars themselves.

One Weibo (Chinese twitter service) user said: "The show has been totally ruined by some models, as people swarm there to see all kinds of women and 'airbags' of different sizes. I miss the exhibitions of the past."

BMW model Li Yingzhi, 22, wearing a deep neck top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress, has become the subject of several blogs and newspaper articles after the dress she wore sparked furious debate.

Referring to pictures of Gan Lulu, an explicitly dressed model known for showing off her homemade nude photos, a microblogger joked on Sina Weibo site: "The brand is trying to convey the features of its car - convertible with double airbags."

Organizers required to rectify the "uncivilized phenomena and negative social impact"

Beijing’s Capital Ethics Development Office has weighed in, saying on its website that some of outfits worn by the models have a “negative social impact”.

According to Beijing's Capital Ethics Development Office, the revealing clothing of some models at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has had a "negative social impact".

The statement is believed to be referring to several widely forwarded photos of some models including at least Gan Lulu and Li Yingzhi.

Yang Yang, a director of performances at the auto exhibition, explained that the models were merely chosen to compliment the cars and their features.

The Beijing's Capital Ethics Development Office criticised the "vulgar publicity" surrounding the models. The exhibition's organisers were asked to correct the situation Thursday, ensuring that it does not re-occur.
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