Sexy Chinese model shows off 5 million RMB diamond-studded lingerie at Nanchang Wedding Exhibition


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Sep 1, 2012 08:09 AM   By Bernd Chang


On August 31 at the 2012 Nanchang Wedding Exhibition, sexy Chinese model was hired to show off two pairs of diamond-studded lingeries which drew envious stares from the visitors.

September 1, 2012, Nanchang - On August 31 at the 2012 Nanchang Wedding Exhibition two pairs of diamond-studded lingeries worn by sexy Chinese model drew envious stares from men and women.

According to the exhibitor and manufacturer, one of the fantasy bras was decorated with more than 100 square diamond stones, which were rarer and more expsensive than round diamond, was worth 5 million RMB.

But when asked of the price of the other one bra that was also decorated with diamond stones, the manufacturer refused to inform of the price citing the reason that diamonds used on the lingeries were too expensive.

Although it only lasted for 5 minutes that the diamond studded bras were displayed, the two pairs of lingeries and the sexy model wearing the lingeries have drawn most attention and shots from the visitors. And shortly numerous pictures were uploaded online and reposted millions of times on Weibo, Chinese Twitter equivalent.
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