Seeing no Chinese bystanders help a fallen old man, foreign woman shouted "Fuck Chinese"


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Aug 11, 2012 05:57 AM   By Bernd Chang


According to a microblogging report, on the morning of August 10 a senior Chinese man fell to the ground in Shanghai, but none of the Chinese bystanders came to raise the old man to his feet for fear of trouble until a foreign woman passed by who were so angry that she broke out into curses 'Fuck Chinese'.

August 11, 2012, Shanghai - According to a microblogging by Shanghai Liberation Daily reporter Zhu Chen, on the morning of August 10 an old man fell to the ground at the crossroad between Xinhua and Huaihai West Road in Shanghai. The old Shanghainese obviously bled on the head. Some bystanders called the first-aid hotline 120 but were told no vehicle was available. At the moment a foreign woman passed by and saw the embarrassing scene: There were more than a dozen Chinese bystanders but none of them came to help raise the injured old man to his feet. The foreign woman seemingly unable to understand the national conditions of Chinese characteristics, cried to tears and broke into curses "Fucking?you?Chinese, Fuck Chinese,?you?should?call?ambulance!” at the immediate moment placed her towel under the head of the old man. The foreign girl then took out some money to a bystander and asked him to send the old man to hospital. After about half an hour, an ambulance finally came to took the injured Shanghai senior citizen to the nearby No. 455 Hospital.

The reporter Zhu Chen told through his microblogging this morning that the old man who had fallen to the ground bleeding, surnamed Qian and aged 87 years old, was diagnosed to be suffering from light cerebral infarction which caused him to fall, resulting in brain external injury. According to the reporter, currently the old man was in good condition.

Although most Chinese netizens show respect to the foreign woman, few of them criticized the onlookers. Many Chinese netizens express their pain in face of the rapidly deteriorating social moral standards and the severe Chinese indifference to strangers, but when asked if they will help a fallen senior citizen to hospital, few of them say an unconditional yes.

Everybody in China knows why. It is the result of the many cases in the past when the helper has been accused by the beneficiary, or the beneficiary's family, of being responsible for the accident. Among these cases, the Peng Yu case is the most influential. In 2006, Peng Yu, a young resident of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, helped an old woman who had fallen. She later accused him of causing her fall. The court decided in favor of the plaintiff, based on the reasoning that Peng would not have helped the woman up "if he had not had caused the fall". The verdict angered the public. Though the case was later settled in an agreement, Peng still paid 10 percent of the costs and it has been mentioned thereafter whenever a similar incident has occurred.
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