Restaurant in Hefei names toilet 'Yasukuni Shrine', sparking debate among Chinese netizens


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Apr 13, 2013 09:57 AM   By Bernd Chang


A restaurant in Heifei in Anhui province has sparked debate among Chinese online population after it was revealed that the owner of the small restaurant names its toilet as Yasukuni Shrine.

According to the local news website Hefei Online, the snack bar Rongliji on the Suzhou Road in Hefei was revealed by a netizen named Duyinshan in a forum to have named its toilet as Yasukuni Shrine.

The surprised netizen, got in the toilet after short consideration and vented his anger at the Yasukuni Shrine by pissing, according to the Hefei Online report.

A reporter decided to do some investigation. The restaurant owner, surnamed Xu, told the reporter that he put up the sign in protest against Japan's nationalisation of the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands.

According to Mr. Xu, after the toilet was renamed, many consumers expressed their support and consent to his patriotic initiative and took photos in front of the toilet/Yasukuni Shrine.

Social expert Wang Kaiyu said this kind of patriotic expression might not be appropriate though understandable.

The naming of the restaurant toilet as Yasukuni Shrine has drawn some condemnation among an overwhelmingly public praise from Chinese netizens. Critics say it is an uncivilized behavior and some observers say it is simply a promotion strategy of the restaurant to draw more attention and business.

小百姓安宁2013: It is not official behavior. Businessman has the right to do anything on his own property. It is none of the business of the experts to point finger to them.

颓废亲亲: Very naïve behavior.

童言無忌ZH: I think it is very appropriate!

不堵车V: The restauranteur should print the names of the Japanese Class-A criminals on the pissing pond.

表里不一的世界: I support!

年轻的上尉2: Actually Chinese naming the toilet as Yasukuni Shrine demonstrate their weakness and helplessness. It is similar to the situation that a man is beaten by another but he dares not fight back. What he can do is just venting his anger by cursing in the dark. Poor guy!

teknovus: What will Chinese react if Japanese name their toilets as Mao Zedong Memorial? It demonstrates the low quality of Chinese people.

Yasukuni Shrine and Diaoyu Islands Dispute

Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) is a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is dedicated to those who died on behalf of the Empire of Japan but it also houses 1,068 Class-B and -C WWII war criminals and 14 Class-A war criminals of Japan.

One of the central controversies of the shrine is the personal visits by Japanese politicians and heads of state including several prime ministers. Many in the international and Asian community, especially China and Korea who suffered most during Japanese imperial invasion, see this as support for or complicity with Japanese nationalism, and denial of the atrocities committed by Imperial Japan.

Protests erupted across China when Japan nationalized the Diaoyu Islands in September 2012 to solidify their control of the unhabited islands in East China Sea. China sending surveillance patrolling ships to the islands to proclaim its sovereignty over the islands further strain the Sino-Japan relationship.
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