Poor Shanxi old man travels across China by motor home built on his own to look for beloved lost wife


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, May 24, 2013 20:45 PM   By Bernd Chang


To look for his lost wife, poor 57 years old man from Datong, Shanxi province modified a motor tricycle to a simple motor home and traveled throughout China.

Motor home is usually an outfit of the super riches, but it is not the case for 57 years old Shanxi man.

The man is a poor peasant from Lingqiu county, Datong city, Shanxi province in northern China. Two years ago, his wife wandered off and got lost in Beijing, leaving the old man alone in deep grief.

Rather than waiting at home in vain or depending on the police to find his wife, he decided to look for his wife by his own.

The old man borrowed some money from relatives and modified his motor tricycle, furnished it with all necessary equipments, furniture, utensils so that he can go forward, sleep and have meals on the vehicle, or simply, making it look like a motor home.

Shortly after his moving house was in shape, the Shanxi man started off his long journey throughout China to look for his lost wife. To make ends meet, he made a living by performing arts and sometimes begging on streets.

In a country where city image is paid great importance to by local government, the old man finds his journey not so smoothly. He was frequently driven away or got fined by city management officers or traffic police. And usually he is not allowed to enter the commercial center of all cities he passes through.

But all the obstacles have not unsettled his determination of keeping on his journey and finding his wife. He said he had traveled to and passed through many cities including Beijing and Shanghai during the last two years.

We wish he will finally find his lost beloved, but the more pragmatic wishes may be that the chengguan (city management officers) and jiaojing (traffic police) will be sympathetic enough on him not to drive him away or fine him.

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