Photo of floating officials draws national anger and mocking


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, May 19, 2012 06:30 AM   By Bernd Chang


A photo release published on a government website of Hanzhou City meant to show their officials conducting field inspection drew a barrage of anger and mocking from Chinese netizens for having been apparently a PS photo.

May 18,2012, Hangzhou - An apparrently photoshopped photo dubbed by Chinese netizens as "Leaders floating inspection photo" was published on the government website of Yuhang District of Hangzhou City.

In current age of prevailing ectronic technology, the official website of Yuhang unexpectedly posting photoshopped photo to show to the public as an achievement of the government draws anger and mocking from the public as soon as the photo was exposed by officious netizens.

The "leaders floating inspection" photo had been published on May 9 at the address but later was deleted. According to the report with the title "The optimization project of green view of South Lake Sandbeach Park" in the web address, a Hangzhou company had convened the project constructing company, monitoring institution, and agricultural and greening company to conduct project transfer. Below the report, a photo was published to illustrate the project transferring scene.

In the photo, five officials apparently float on the road and lawn. The following words are added at the end of the report: "Transferring team unanimously draw the conclusion: the quality of the project meets requirements and the view effect is very good; The sampled inspection shows that the number and size of sampled trees and sprouts conform to corresponding transferring requirements. The conclusion of transferring inspection is that the project is permitted to be transferred.

The leaders floating inspection photo has caused uproar among Chinese netizens as soon as it was exposed. In response to the barrage of anger from the public, the photo was deleted on May 18 and an apology from Hangzhou South Lake Construction and Development Company was posted on the website on the same day.

"The photo is easily found to be merged from several officials and a greened road using photoshop technology. In one word, the picture is fake! But to our great surprise, the engineer who merged the picture is not skilled at photoshop at all." One netizen posted.

Others commented in a more mocking manner.

hahahaha: Our leaders are really not common people, they even have no shadow in the sunny daytime.

微薄观光团: Darling, although I am not so skilled at the PS photo technology, hire me and I assure you that no trace will be found. Fire that guy who made this PS photo. I apply for the job!

路人辛: They fool the masses in a naked way. It must be that the reporter did not take photos when the leaders inspected the scene and when he was back he had to fabricate the photo to finish the task. The reporter that wrote the report must be a temporary worker! (Editor's note: Temporary workers are very often used as scapegoats in China when problems are exposed.)

In June of 2011, the government website of Sichuan Huili county used a photo with clear PS trails. In the picture, three county leaders are inspecting the countryside; their bodies were “attached” to an asphalt road and looks like “floating” in the air. In the afternoon of June 27, Sichuan Huili County opened an account in Sina micro blog, apologized to the media and netizens.
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