This half demolished building standing in middle of an intersection has been dubbed as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Jan 18, 2014 09:40 AM   By Bernd Chang


A half demolished three storey house has been recently exposed on Chinese social media and dubbed by Chinese netizens as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian.

This kind of story is actually not big news in China any more, as people in China are increasingly becoming desensitized to the reporting of nail houses, since there have been so many of them: in Kunming, in Jinan, in Zhejiang, in Hubei and last month in Qingdao and  more in other cities across China.

A partly demolished three-story building has been recently discovered in Pinghe county, Zhangzhou city, Fujian province in southeast China by some netizen before making rounds on Chinese social media, Chinadaily reported on Saturday.

The house should have been part of a three-story building containing several apartments. From photos of the house uploaded by some netizen to internet, the left and right side of house has been demolished, leaving only the central one apartment standing alone in middle of an intersection.

Although this house has been dubbed by some netizens as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian, the final fate of such houses, no matter how stubborn they were or are, is usually the same: be demolished by force especially after exposure to the public, which forms a pressure both on local officials and the property owners and cause the two sides to quicken their compromise to a deal.  

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