Obscene photos involving Chinese Officials go viral in Chinese internet


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Recently a group of obscene sex photos (NSFW) involving party high-ranking officials has gone viral in Chinese internet. Two of the men were said to be top officials of Lujiang of Anhui, which was denied by government. Another man in the sex scandal proved to be an official in Hefei University.

August 11, 2012, Hefei - Recently a group of obscene photos involving communist party high-ranking officials has gone viral in Chinese internet. The hot incident is called Lujiang obscene photos gate. The sex scandal pictures show three men and three women were having group sex orgy in a hotel. The photos taken in 2007 but only recently posted online are intolerable to the eyes and NSFW.

Just days after the group sex orgy pictures were posted online, especially when some Chinese netizens claimed that two of the men were top party officials in Lujiang County of Anhui Province, the pictures spread so wildly that the pictures and posts are still easily found on Chinese internet although Chinese censors tried hard to delete related contents.

Chinese netizens claimed that two of the men in the obscene Lujiang photos were Wang Minsheng 王民生, party secretary of Lujiang County of Anhui Province, and Jiang Dabin 蒋大彬, vice mayor of Lujiang County, and one of the women was Diao Jirun 刁吉润, mayor of Lujiang. So far Chinese netizens have reposted the 6P group sex photos in Weibo, a Chinese Twitter style service, for millions of times.

Early August 9 as a response to the netizens' claim, official Weibo account of Lujiang said the pictures were fake and photoshoped by evil-minded Chinese netizens for the purpose of slandering top officials of Lujiang County. This explanation was easily refuted since the group pictures contained more than 100 and obviously taken by digital cameras.

Then the next day on August 10, Lujiang government changed to another explanation and said that none of the 6 people in the obscene China pictures were officials of Lujiang, the men in the obscene photos were not the Lujiang county party secretary Wang Minsheng and vice county governor Jiang Dabin at all, instead, the pictures were copied from a group of photos titled Three Couples of Kunming Have Group Sex. The three men and three women were three couples from Kunming City and they were having wife swap games.

Party secretary of Lujiang Wang Minsheng told a reporter on the same day that he had nothing to do with the people in the obscene pictures and that he had reported to the police. The Lujiang police said the group sex photos were posted originally from Shanghai and they would arrest those spreading rumors and slandering party high officials and bring them to justice.

Profile of county Party secretary Wang Minsheng shows that he was born in 1964 and began to work in 1982 and joined the communist party of China in 1993. Wang Minsheng was promoted to communist party secretary of county committee of Lujiang of Anhui Province in 2010. He is also director of county people's congress.

Chinese netizens, who think corruption in China is severe problem and prefer to believing Chinese officials live a life of luxury and debauchery, were obviously not convinced by official account. Some meddlesome netizens started crazy human search for more proof.

With the proofs, some Chinese nezens still believe that Wang Minsheng and Jiang Dabin are two of the men but there are more and more Chinese believing they do not look alike.

But it does not mean there was no progress. The third man in the pictures was digged out and it was college official Wang Yu 汪昱 - vice secretary of Chinese youth league of Hefei University. And everyone who saw the proof believed it was him! And one of the women was claimed to be He Tingting, also an official in Heifei University.

The most dramatic event in the "Lujiang obscene photo gate" was that the college vice secretary Wang Yu aknowledged through his microblogging on August 11 that he was indeed one of the three men in the Lujiang obscene photos. But the college vice secretary denied that the other two men were officials of Lujiang County, Wang Minsheng and Jiang Dabin, instead, the other two were his friends. Wang Yu also denied his college fellow He Tingting was involved. Wang Yu said the obscene pictures were taken in 2007. And Wang Yu expressed his sorrow for his crazy behavior 5 years ago.

New update on August 13, 2012

August 13,2012,Hefei - According to Xinhua News Agency, on August 10, two of the six persons, Wang Yu, deputy secretary of Chinese Youth League of Hefei University, and his wife, a middle school teacher, both were fired from their job posts and expelled from communist party of China! And the group sex photos were taken soon after they were married five years ago.

According to Xinhua, He Tingting, colleague of Wang Yu and working as an official in the Chinese Youth League of Hefei University, strongly denied that she was involved in the 6P group sex photos gate. She condemned those linking her with the obscene photos and asked the related departments to find all those involved in obscene photos and prove her innocence.
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