Performer plays piano worth over $1 million, battery waggons shuttle through corridors, Nanjing opens luxury hospital with roof helipad


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Performer plays piano worth $1.12 million, battery waggons shuttle through corridors, Nanjing opens luxury hospital with roof helipad. The new Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital boasts of first-class modern design, spacious hall, streamline consultation service.

Feel uncomfortable when entering a usually oppressive and dreary public hospital of China? Now there is an exception that will give you different impression when consulting a doctor.

Performer plays piano worth 7 million RMB ($1.12 million) in the spacious and bright hall. Battery waggons shuttle customers back and forth through corridors within the colossal building. Guests can also relax and have a rest in Starbucks Coffee in the first floor. On roof of the building there is a helipad for medical helicopter landing providing emergency medical service.

It is a five-star hotel? No, it is the new Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital which provides more service than a five-star hotel.

Looking like Water Cubic (the famous Beijing National Aquatics Center) from outside, the new Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital was rebuilt from the old one on the same place in center of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu in East China. It was designed by a swiss achitectual company based on first-class international standard and it cost 1.1 billion RMB (0.176 billion USD). The new hospital complex with a total building area of 224.8 thousand square meters is comprised of outpatient building, inpatient building, building for research and education, cadio-vascular center, organ transplation center, etc. The planed daily outpatient number is up to 15 thousand.

According to flyer of the hospital, the battery waggon is prepared for disabled patients and each can transport 20 people. Each below the fifth floor is equiped with several battery waggons to shuttle patients to and fro through the long corridors. On every floor there are several auto registration and auto paying machine and the total number of these machines is 62. Patients can even get the drug from equipment through self service. These auto machines facilitate the doctor-consultation process of registration, consultation, prescription, and getting medicine.

The new Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital opened to medical service on Monday November 5. On the first day of its opening, the outpatient number reached 9000 and was 1000 more than average.

The luxury hospital is too luxurious?

Not every one is happy with the new luxury hospital. Chinese netizens frown over the super-modern luxurious decoration and expensive building cost. Many are skeptical to the necessity of building such a luxurious hospital considering the difficulty of seeing doctor in many public hospitals.

"We need more ordinary public hospitals than several ultra luxury hospitals dedicated for the rich and officials", commented on netizen.

Many local residents are more concerned about the service and charges for consulting doctor. "Compared to the outer appearance design, I am more concerned to the consultation fees and their service quality", said one resident, "Relieve atmospheric tension through listening piano performance?" said on local urgan resident, "If they lower the consultation charge and drug price, we will benifit more".

Even the Beijing officials are critical. The Weibo account of People's Daily, the CCP mouthpiece, commented on Tuesday "As public hospital, is it necessary that Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital is so luxurious furnished? High standard is the direction for building new hospitals, but public hospital is different from private hospital, high standard is not equal to luxury.
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