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Recently some careful residents of Zhuzhou of Hunan Province get noticed that there are four roof villas on roof of a famous multi-stories building in their city, which are called by Chinese as the most awesome villas of China....More

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Most awesome villas are seen built on roof of commercial center in Zhuzhou of central China's Hunan Province.
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By Bernd Chang

August 13, 2012, Zhuzhou - Jiutian International Plaza, located in Lusong District of Zhuzhou City, is the most famous wholesale market for shoes in central China's Hunan Province. But it is only recently noticed by some careful local residents that there are four roof villas built on the roof of the multi-stories building, which is very surprising but truely exist.

Zhuzhou is the second-largest city after Changsha in Hunan Province and is key industrial centre. The city is called the capital of locomotives of China. Zhuzhou is one of the key production base for China's high speed rail wagons. Zhuzhou has a population of nearly 4million, of whom more than 1 million live in the urban areas.

Over the past 5 years, the property price has more than tripled in Zhuzhou of Hunan making the land also very expensive and rare. This is perhaps the reason why buildings become higher and higher. But Zhuzhou is definitely the first city where houses are built on the roof of other houses.


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