Watch the military-style company training video: Waitress group performance in Dandong Arirang Restaurant goes viral in China


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Watch the North Korean style company training video: Waitress group performance in a Chinese restaurant goes Viral in China. The video has surprised and shocked many Chinese netizens, with a majority criticizing this kind of management and company culture as lack of respect of the employees.

With their synchronized marches, loud chants and teambuilding exercises, you might mistake these girls as part of the North Korean military. Well, this is indeed result of durable military-style training exercises, except for waitresses in a Chinese restaurant.

"They are sacrificing their lives to the performance! It is difficult to make money", commented a microblogger after watching a video titled "Reality Filming Waitresses Excited Group Performance" that has gone viral on Chinese internet.

A reporter from Chinadaily did some digging on the video. When contacted, an employee of the Dandong Arirang Resturant in Dandong city in Northeast China's Liaoning province said the video was indeed filmed in their company and that the military-style waitress group performance was one of the company training programs performed by their staff on the new year's eve.

It is a group performance, but it reflects the outcome of durative company culture training exercises of the employees.

The video lasts 15 minutes and 45 seconds. The group performance begins with group forming of the more than a dozen waitresses dressed in restaurant uniform under a team leader in black business suit.

Waitresses chanting: quickest way to success is following right people and doing right thing

When the team leader shouts: "Report to president Wang, we request performance", the waitresses chant slogans which include company tenet, company culture and some quotations on how to achieve success.

When the team leader asks: "what is the quickest way to success?" the waitresses answer loudly in unison: "Follow the right person, do the right thing...".

Under the manoeuver and inspiration of the woman in black suit, the excited waitresses chant in unison as well as perform a variety of stunts and exercises while cheering one another on.

"Pushing through firing line" aims to enhance morale facing difficulties among employees

“Pushing through firing line”, a popular company training exercise to inspire morale among employees introduced by famous Tuozhan Training, is part of the performance. The “soldiers” push their advance forward in spite of heavy enemy gunfire. When failing to pass through the firing line, stand up quickly again and try another time. The team leader is seen pushed back by the firing line and falling to the ground for several times, but she never gives up and keeps rushing to the line.

Some of these exercises prove to be somewhat challenging, but the staff remain unfazed and push on to complete the whole routine.

Military-style company culture lack of respect to dignity of employees, a netizen commented

The video has surprised and shocked many Chinese netizens, with a majority criticizing this kind of management and company culture.

"At the beginning I think it is laughable, but after a while I feel sorry for the staff. It looks like multi-level marketing. Such company is deprecated! They do not respect the dignity of the employees and can not achieve sustainable development in the long run", netizen 枪与红玫瑰 commented.

"I can hardly understand the management of the company with human brain. I have lost my appetite in such a restaurant", netizen LoBer-V-E commented.

"China can depend on these waitresses to reclaim Diaoyu Islands from Japan." Youku user 琢磨先生 said.

"What are they doing? In such a style? Are they performing? Terrible!" Youku user APRIL-靳艷雪 said.

"Oh, my god, I thought it happened during the Great Leap Forward Campaign in 1950s". Youku user 莫兲悚 commented.

"The mysterious effect of the performance is almost equivalent to the successful North Korean satellite launch! " Youku user 孙大乘 commented.
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