Landslide in Yunnan engulfs village, killing all the buried 46 local residents, including 19 children and a family of seven    (0/7)


A landslide engulfs a village in the mountains of Southwestern China's Yunnan province on Friday, burying 46 people of 14 homes. As of Saturday morning, it is confirmed all the buried are killed....More

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Yunnan landslide,Zhenxiong landslidea
Family members come to claim bodies of their relatives on the morning of Saturday, January 12, 2013. A landslide hit Gaopo village, Zhenxiong county, Southwest China's Yunnan province, on Friday. As of Saturday morning, it was confirmed all the buried 46 people of 14 homes are killed, including 19 children. Landslide occur periodically in the moutainous region of Shaotong city of Yunnan province.
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Yunnan landslide
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Yunnan landslide
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Yunnan landslide
Yunnan landslide
Yunnan landslide
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By Bernd Chang

The landslide swept through a village in the steep, snow-dusted mountains of Zhenxiong county in Yunnan province in southwestern China on Friday, burying dozens of people and having killed 39 by 18:00 Beijing time, the local government and state media said.

The death toll of the Zhenxiong landslide has risen to 46 as more bodies have been retrieved. That means all those buried by the mud are killed.

Relatives of the dead will be given 20000 yuan as pension for every killed members of the family.

The landslide hit the Gaopo village, Guozhu town, Zhengxiong county, Shaotong city, Yunnan province, at around 8:20 am. Gaopo village is home to about 221 people of 56 housholds. Early report said about 46 people of 14 homes including 19 children have been buried in the tons of cubic mud and stones.

Rescuers have recovered all the buried 46 bodies, among them a family of seven. Two injured people have been sent to a nearby hospital, but their conditions have not been publicized.

Reports did not say what triggered the landslide, but landslide occur periodically in the moutainous region of Yunnan province, which is prone to earthquakes and heavy rains. In September, a series of earthquakes -- with the strongest registering a magnitude of 5.7 -- struck the region, leaving at least 81 people dead in the ajacent Yiliang county . A month later, a landslide also in Yiliang county buried a primary school, leaving 18 students and one other person dead.

Chinese leaders Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang have ordered all-out efforts to rescue victims of the landslide in order to minimize casualties from the disaster. More than 1,000 rescuers have arrived on the scene in Zhenxiong county to search for the missing people with five excavators and four front loader trucks. More rescue workers are rushing from nearby regions to assist in search and rescue efforts, according to Xinhua report.


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