Kindergarten teacher arrested after photos showing she amusing herself by abusing children spark public uproar, the kindergarten in Zhejiang is closed by authority


Chinese Society  Updated:Thu, Oct 25, 2012 09:47 AM   By Bernd Chang


Shortly after a group of child abuse photos uncovered by Chinese netizens from a personal blogs parked public outrage, two kindergarten teachers in Wenling of Zhejiang Province have been arrested by local police. The kindergarten in Zhejiang is closed by authority

A poor boy was seen crying when a female teacher lifted him up by his ears. The teacher appeared to be quite amused and laughed, and the other teacher took a photo of the scenario.

In other photos, the teacher continued to amuse herself by abusing her children in the classroom, by throwing them into a trash bin, sealing their mouths with adhasive tape, or punishing them to stand in a corner.

Kindergarten teacher makes fun by abusing children

On Tuesday morning, after a photo showing a happy female teacher lifted up a boy by his ear quickly spread across Chinese internet, angry Chinese netizens started human flesh search and they succeeded in find out the detailed information of the perpetrator: kindergarten teacher Yan Yanhong ??? born in 1992, working for Oxford International Kindergarten in Wenling City of East China's Zhejiang Province and even her qq number, identity card, home address has been dug out. To the surprise of netizens, in her QQ zone, there are as many as 700 photos about the conditions and life in the kindergarten. Appalling photos describe Yan often punish the kindergarten children by sealing children's mouths up with adhesive tape, throwing children into trashbin, covering children's faces, etc.

Now it is clear that the photos were uploaded by the blog owner Yan Yanhong. She shared the photos on her personal blog with her friends, and often laughed at the abused children. She was obviously not aware that her behavior is not illegal. One of her internet friends once reminded her that her behavior was of child abuse and suggested her to delete the pictures but the careless Yan Yanhong said: nothing would happen.

The women abusing children has no qualification to be a kindergarten teacher

After more pictures surfaced online and the detailed information of the teacher was found out, and angry netizens demand local authoriy to take action to punish the kindergarten teacher for abusing children.

The Wenling ministry of education quickly stepped in and initial investigation disclosed that Yan Yanhong has no qualification certificate to be a kindergarten teacher at all. With this conclusion the authority issued their handling method: the Xiqingdao Blue Peacock Kindergarten should be closed for certain days to conduct self check, fire the illegal teachers, rectify the problems.

Two kindergarten teachers were arrested and punished

On Thursday afternoon the Public Security Office of Wenling announced through its official Weibo account that Yan Yanhong has been arrested for “making trouble", and the other female teacher surnamed Tong taking pictures for Yan has been punished to 7 days in detention center.
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