County in Hunan declares people's war against those using photoshopped obscene photos to blackmail officials


Chinese Society  Updated:Tue, Mar 26, 2013 09:58 AM   By Bernd Chang


Officials in Shuangfeng of Hunan province have hung up numerous banners and signs across the county to warn against blackmailing officials and businessmen using photoshopped obscene pictures.

37 years after Mao’s death, the people’s war he invented is still powerful in eyes of his communist followers to wipe out any potential threat.

Banners and signs have been strung across the largely unknown county Shuangfeng in Hunan with slogans calling for a people’s war against blackmailing with photoshop technology.

Some of the Chinese slogans read like:

“Resolutely crack down on the crime of blackmail and extortion using fabricated obscene photos with PS technology; Build a good image of Shuangfeng!”

“Take action, the whole society! Let’s engage a massive people’s war against blackmailing activity using photoshopped obscene pictures” !

“Strike hard on using photoshop technology to blackmail; Establish a credible and honest Shuangfeng”!

“Making fortune according to law is honorable, blackmailing is shame”!

All the banners and boards are signed in the name of respective levels of Shuangfeng county government.

According to the provincial Hunan satellite TV, officials hang up the banners because a certain number of cases involving local people blackmailing officials and rich businessmen using photoshopped obscene photos did happen there.

According to the Loudi government website, on February 19, the local law party secretary, public security chief etc. had held a meeting to investigate, deploy and supervise the action against blackmailing using photoshopped obscene pictures. On the meeting, Loudi politics and law party secretary Wu Jianping warned it was a hard war against using photoshopped pictures to blackmail. Party secretary of Shuangfeng county Wu Dehua declared his position to “spare no efforts, fight to win or die, resolutely eradicate “ the toxic tumor of blackmailing crime using photoshopped obscene pictures.

According to Hunan Satellite TV, Shuangfeng police arrested 8 suspects in 4 criminal groups on March 15, 2013. Police accused them of using photoshopped obscene photos to blackmail officials, business chairmen and managers for repeated times. And the criminal cases were involved in a total of illegal fortune of 45.30 million yuan. Since 2012, Shuangfeng county had cracked 127 such cases and arrested 37 suspects.

Shuangfeng police published a ‘wanted’ notification on its website on March 21, urging 23 suspects that are at large involving blackmailing officials and businessmen to voluntarily surrender themselves by March 31, otherwise “will face harsher punishment”.

The bizarre banners have drawn intense attention from the public, with many netizens raising doubt of the official allegation that the photos are photoshopped.

snhdfhfkfmn (Netease user): Whom do they fear?

?????????? (Netease user): There is no 300 liang (about 15 kilogram) silver here, the officials here are very lascivious.

FisherZeng (Netease user): A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder.

A Netease user from Canada: If you are upright, you do not fear your shadow is oblique. People’s war, f**k, Do the people that have not enough to fill the stomach understand what is PS?

????? (QQ user): I suppose the Shuangfeng county chief was blackmailed after caught having sex with prostitutes. Does the sudden high-profile offensive against PS indicate “there is no 300 liang silver”?

????(QQ user): It is not the people but the people’s servants that were blackmailed! Those agreeing to give money when blackmailed did do such obscene thing as described in the photos. If you agree please raise your hand.

???(QQ user): Is it so that obscene photos of leaders were leaked out? Otherwise we can not understand why they engage the campaign in such a high profile.

??(QQ user): People’s war! Who let you represent the people to engage war! Are there people that have been photoshopped?
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