Will the roof houses survive possible forceful demolition? Houses built in the sky by Hunan developer are ruled as illegal and not allowed to be sold    (0/7)


As many as 25 villas have been built on a commercial building in Hengyang, Hunan province. The roof houses have been ruled as illegal by authority and not permitted to sell....More

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The 25 villas are seen lining up on the roof of the Juranzhijia furniture shopping center, presenting an amazing as well as bizarre view in Hengyang.
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By Bernd Chang

In a densely populated city, land has become so expensive that real estate developers are thinking of building houses in the sky as the one in Hengyang does.

While there may not have been any cheap square footage at ground level, the Yongxing Investment & Construction Group has instead built 25 houses on the roof of a furniture shopping centre in Shigu district, Hengyang, Hunan province in central China.

Indeed, the plat roof of the colossal furniture shopping center is ideal place for building "sky villas" except for foreseeable opposition from the authority.

The four-storey furniture plaza Juranzhijia in Hengyang city has a large flat roof of around 20,000 square meters, the size of three football fields combined, which has an area of 7200 square meters by standard.

The 25 villas are seen lining up on the roof of the commercial center, presenting an amazing as well as bizarre view.

It is said the "sky villas" were built in 2009 without permission from the authority, which has repeatedly asked the real estate developer Yongxing to demolish them. But the general manager Mr. Wang Jianxin of the developer, told reporter from Shanghai Dongfang Daily on August 1 that the Hengyang Urban Planning Bureau has acquiesced that the houses can remain but not permitted to be sold.

The furniture center is a four-floor building which was built by Yongxing Group. When the furniture shopping center was opened to public in May 2010 it was hailed as the top furniture shopping market.

According to architecture experts, it arouses safety concern if the roof houses were built without initial professional measurement and calculation. But if architects had considered the weight of the houses and the load-bearing capability of the commercial center before building, safety may not be a concern.

Except some houses that are used as dormitory for construction migrant workers, most of the 25 roof villas remain uninhabited.

Actually, Hengyang is not the only city that sky villas are seen. In August 2012, four villas that were seen built on roof of an apparel wholesale building in  Zhuzhou, another city also in Hunan province, drew national attention and have been hailed as the most awesome villas of China.

Building houses on roof of other houses may be great idea, but remember never to do something on building roofs as what the Lanzhou siblings did that cost their lives.


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