Pictures of hardworking college girl hanging hair to clothes dryer to keep awake go viral in China; More examples emerge online


Chinese Society  Updated:Mon, Jan 13, 2014 07:58 AM   By Bernd Chang


Pictures of a college girl from Fuzhou tying her hair to clothes hanger to keep focused during all-nighter study go viral in China and have sparked an internet meme.

Two sophomore students, Chen Tang and her roommate Huang Lu, from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in Fuzhou, Fujian province, in southeast China,  had been desperately cramming for the imminent final exam of the autumn semester.

The problem was, they easily napped off when they pulled an all-nighter to go over the piles of textbooks.

At one moment Chen recalled the four-character Chinese idiom Xuan Liang Ci Gu (悬梁刺股) which tells the stories of two famous Chinese scholars of legend who chose some painful but effective methods to keep them awake.

One is Sun Jing (孙敬) from Han Dynasty, who would tie his hair to a beam in the ceiling so that it was pulled every time he started to nod off.

The other is Su Qin (苏秦) from the Warring States, who would stab himself on the thighs with needles to ensure his mind stayed alert.

The desire to pass or even excel in the final exams encouraged the two to give the less painful hair trick a try.

Without a beam in the dorm, they used the clothes hangers to pull their hair to keep them alert at night.

Although the effect of the hair-hanging study, as acknowledged by Huang Lu, was just so so, and rather a self entertaining behavior, the two students were apparently moved by their creativity. Huang took several photos of her roommate Chen hanging her hair to study at night and uploaded onto her Weibo @柚子小姐爱喝蜂蜜柚子茶. 

To the unexpectancy of the two girls, the hanging-hair-to-study photos, shortly after uploaded, started to spread quickly on internet and have even sparked an internet meme in China.

“Inferior students (School dregs, 学渣) can not understand the world of super students (hegemonic students, 学霸) ”, a comment that was widely favored on the internet.


“Was the girl made insane by the exams”? asked some commentators.

While some Chinese netizens express their determination to make the two Fujian students as their example, others start to upload more study-hard photos of their own or their acquaintances or unknown figures simply dug out from the internet.

While some of these pictures look to be jokes and hilarious, some do not look interesting at all, but frightening and scary.

Surely you are not supposed to think all students in China study like this. And what is more important is that NEVER try some of these methods at home, in your dormitory, or anywhere else for whatever purpose. It can be life-threatening!

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