Hangzhou man propses marriage to his girlfriend with 999 roses folded from 200,000 yuan ($32,000) worth of 100-yuan notes


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A young man from Hangzhou succeeded in winning the heart of his girl friend by presenting her 999 roses folded from 200,000 yuan worth of 100-yuan banknotes.

Displeased by the remark of his would-be mother-in-law during the Chinese Spring Festival reunion in his girl friend’s family, the man with the surname Chen  from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, drew all his savings of 200,000 yuan from bank and made 999 roses with the notes to propose marriage to his girl friend.

When Chen visited his girlfriend’s home during the Chinese New Year of Horse, he expressed his desire to marry the woman, but the mother of his girlfriend appeared to be reluctant to marry out her daughter in consideration of the plain economic conditions of Chen. The girl’s mother said: "Renting an apartment is acceptable before marriage while marriage without a home isn’t quite appropriate", hinting Chen was possibly so poor that he could not afford an apartment or bring happy life to his would-be wife. And she went on to intimate that Chen should buy a car since the pair work in areas of long distance.

The remark of the would-be mother-in-law apparently exerted pressure on or even irritated Chen. After thorough thought, he decided to draw all his money of 200,000 yuan (roughly 32000 USD) from bank he saved in five years and make 999 roses with the notes to show his strong desire,  sincerity to marry his girlfriend, and most important of all, his eternal love to her.

The number 9 is a methaphor for eternal in Chinese while rose represents love all over the world.

It took 1998 banknotes of 100-yuan to make the 999 paper roses, each of which was folded from two of the pink bill emblazoned with Mao Zedong portrait.

Chen began making the paper roses on Saturday, folding them after dinner until 2 o’clock early in the morning every day. It took Chen five to six minutes to fold one rose. He managed to make 300 roses in two days and had to ask friends to help him so that he could propose marriage to his girl friend on her birthday on February 12th.

His efforts paid off. His girl friend accepted his marriage proposal.

[Images via Zhejiang Online]

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