Cocktail party or group orgy? Pictures of Hainan Rendezvous event promoting luxury lifestyle go viral in China


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Government officials in Sanya said yesterday they were investigating rumors of sex parties involving many Chinese celebrities during the Hainan Rendezvous show in the Hainan Province city.

Hainan Rendezvous Lifestyle and Yacht Show is the leading event in China promoting luxury goods and lifesty held in popular tourist resort Sanya in South China’s Hainan province. But this year’s event was rumored to be a group sex party involving scores of Chinese celebrities, drawing outrage among Chinese netizens in a country where rich-poor gap is very high and sensitive.

Posts and pictures showing high-profile celebrities and young Chinese models were rejoicing and revelling in parties during the Hainan Rendezvous event held from March 30 to April 2 have gone viral one day after its closure.

The posts quoted "participants in the event" as saying one model earned 600,000 yuan (US$97,000) from sex parties over three evenings and that more than 2,000 condoms were used at just one party.

According to Marketingtochina, three posts on Sina Weibo have been wildly retweeted on April 4.

“It’s said a dirty secretary (Chinese slang ?? referring to high-class prostitute) made 600,000 RMB by participating in group sex during the Haitian Rendezvous in only three days. And as many as 2100 condoms were found on the spot where the last party took place. And it’s said that a man was discovered to be HIV-positive and the girls he has relationship with in the past two months were all present in Sanya.… Sanya police have raided the rendezvous. The husbands of “Da S” and “Xiao S” (Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu) appeared there too and all the people were now asked to take urine test… (reposted)“

“The Hainan Rendevous has got really hot now… even Chinese overseas know and discuss on the extravagance, orgy, rape, drugs, AIDS and girls there…It’s hard to tell how many future wives were involved in this Rendevous. Later, we need to ask a girl ‘have you been to 2013 Hainan Rendevous’ before marrying her. So men are the most miserable victims of the event!”

“[Online reports: the Rendezvous in Hainan was in fact a mass sex party and numbers of stars were involved] A Weibo report exposes that famous models and ‘GaoFuShuai’ (Tall, rich and handsome guys) were gathering in Sanya Haitian Rendezvous for promiscuous party. And the Weibo microblogging claims that the sex party was held on a 45 meter long yacht which was worth 2.5 billion yuan, with 200 participants being ferried to and from the spot by private airplanes, turnover of the mass sex trade valued 1 billion RMB in total, and even many A-liste stars were present there.”

The posts have been retweeted for tens of thousands of times and certainly there are many netizens have got outraged by the behaviors of Chinese super riches.

@??????: They will say it’s for inspiration again.

@???????Policemen only raid roadside the massage salons, but rich people could gather for orgy! Prefects free to set fire, people forbidden to light lamp!

@??_????Isn’t it an isolated case? Anyway, I didn’t see it with my own eyes. It is true there are bunches of beauties, but the sales volume is not true.

@??????I strongly request for live broadcasting the sex party, let the whole nation enjoy it!.

@???????don’t forget to ask for invoice for the 1 billion RMB sales, in order to contribute for the local GDP. It is important that value-added tax invoice be issued for the 1 billion sex sales, otherwise it will not contribute to GDP statistics.

@HeoihuitinG?Young models are actually just high class prostitute…

Celebrities denied to have participated in sex parties

Meanwhile, Chinese netizens have discovered a pretty and lovely young girl that frequently appeared in the parties is actually the New Silk Road model Linda Sun Jingya, who posted a lot of her sexy pictures with provocative remarks on her real-name verified Weibo account. Many netizens claim in incontestable certainty that the girl who made 600,000 yuan during the sex parties was just this post 1990s young model Sun Jingya. And some mischievous Chinese netizens start to call her Green Tea Bitch (???), and even name a menu associated with her: stir-fried black fungus (?????), a dirty Chinese phrase referring to a woman having many times of sex.

Apart from the previous little know young model, Chinese netizens allege that many big name celebrities, including actress Eva Huang Sheng Yi, moderator Xu Zheng, actor Sun Xing, business tycoon Wang Xiaofei and husband of Barbie Xu xiyuan (big S), Xu Yajun and husband of Dee Hsu Xidi, Pan Shuangshuang, were all present in one or more sex parties during the Hainan Rendezvous events.

Several celebrities quickly responded to the rumors stating they were either not at the event or clarifying what really happened, according to Wuhan Evening News.

"Time will tell and the truth should be known: My family is the most important part in my life," wrote Wang Xiaofei, a millionaire businessman who is married to Taiwan actress Barbie Xu xiyuan, on his microblog.

Wang said he was in Beijing and Taiwan when the yacht show was being held. He even posted screenshots of the flight information from his mobile phone to prove his innocence.

Xu Yajun, husband of Hsu's sister, Taiwan actress and TV hostess Dee Hsu Xu xudi, wrote on his microblog that either the "sex party things" were purely rumors or something that very few people did during the event.

Other celebrities told reporters they took part in events at the show but described them as "high-end" gatherings or cocktail parties. Some said the rumors were probably spread by people who weren't able to join them.

The event's organizer published an announcement denying the online allegations.

"False reports about the event have been spread online, damaging the reputation of the event by spreading information unrelated to the company," the announcement said.

"Currently all the rumors widely spread online are not true. The company has never organized such parties and never authorized anyone to do so. All the participants in the event can prove that such things never happened."

According to the rumors, police in Sanya were said to have raided a party and taken some people away for drug tests. However, police have not commented so far.

China is a country where millions of its people live under world poverty line, but the rapidly expanding Chinese economy during the last three decades also sends tens of thousands to super rich status even based on international standards. And this is the reason Hainan Rendezvous came to inception in 2010.

Hainan Rendezvous, the leading event promoting luxury lifestyle and luxury goods, including but not limited to spacious houses, super limousines, private yachts and helicopters, has been held annually in southernmost China’s tourist resort Sanya.
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