Worst ever Chinese father cruelly abuses his own daughter for 5+ years, using boiling water to "kill lice" on her head


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The horrifying story of an 11 years old little girl has sparked nationwide anger at her own father, who has cruelly abused her for more than 5 years by scalding her head with boiling water and piecing her fingertip with needle, etc., as well as at local government for dereliction of their duties.

Scalding the head with boiling water, sewing lips with fishing wire, ordering to kneel on broken glass, and piecing the fingertip with needle, …, for most Chinese, such kind of horrible tortures only happened in movies describing the atrocities of Japanese imposed on Chinese captives during the WWII.

But the atrocities revive in China. This time the perpetrator is not the Japanese, but a Chinese father from Goupi village, Shiyang town, Jinsha county, Guizhou province in southwest China, and seemingly unconvincing, and the victim is his presently 11 years old genetic daughter Little Li, Chinanews reports.

The father has abused his own daughter for more than five years. And the atrocity was only recently exposed on May 8, when a stranger with the surname Fu encountered the girl on a rural dirt road to the Goupi village in Guizhou. Mr. Fu noticed the girl was full of wounds all over her body and there was not a patch of head skin was normal.

When told by local villagers that the girl was beaten to such condition by her own father, the angry Mr. Fu called the police.

The father of Little Li, surnamed Yang, was soon arrested by police. Yang acknowledged that he has abused her daughter for many years. Little Li was sent to the township hospital for treatment.

The medical record of Little Li provided by the hospital shows the apparently undernourished girl has wounds and scars all over her body and major part of her scalp was too seriously burned to be suitable for hair growth. 

According to the grandma of Little Li, her parents went to other provinces to work soon after she was born. Until she was five years old, her parents came back, when her nightmare began.

As the eldest child of the Yang couple, Little Li started to work for the family since her parents came back. Also ever since, she was frequently insulted and beaten by her parents, especially frequently by the father. Her hard laboring could not gain their sympathy, instead, the father accelerated his child abuse practice gradually.

For the reason why Little Li is repeatedly abused by her father, the grandma supposes it is because she is a girl.

On 17 October 2012, when Little Li came back home from laboring in harvesting pigweed, the father, apparently getting insane, suddenly grabbed her, put her upside down by lifting her legs, and immersed her head into a basin of boiling water, regardless of the crying, begging, and struggling of his own daughter out of extreme pain.

A village official called police after the incident. Yang claimed that he scalded her daughter’s head with boiling water to kill lice found on her hair. Police left after educating and criticizing Yang, asking him to send his daughter to hospital and receiving a letter of assurance for not doing so again, according to Chinanews.com.

But the father would not take his letter of assurance seriously. He scalded the scalp of Little Li a second time shortly after and just the second scalding caused serious damage to her head skin, leaving horrifying scars covering most of her scalp.

The appallingly miserable story of Little Li has sparked nationwide anger against the Guizhou father as well as against the local government for ignoring such serious child abuse for such a long time.

 “F**K, the parent should be brought to execution by shooting” ! commented a Netease user from Xinxiang city, Henan province.

“ Township government, village government, local public security office, all have been negligent of their duties! We urge strongly to hold them responsible and charge them according to law!” commented Netease user 想啥说啥爱咋咋地 from Heilongjiang province.

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