Guangzhou heavy-weight supermarket (Wal-Mart?) sells CROCODILE meat with different part of the animal priced differently


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, May 5, 2013 10:28 AM   By Bernd Chang


A heavy-weight supermarket in Guangzhou sells crocodile meat, sparking debate among Chinese netizens whether wildlife animals should be banned from dining table.

Actually it is not the first time that selling crocodile meat became the news in China, especially when it is sold in Guangdong where the people are famous for “eating everything”, but with more and more Chinese being aware of the importance of animal protection, the story that a heavy-weight supermarket sells crocodile meat publicly still sounds astonishing.

From the pictures, it seems the supermarket is Wal-mart.

The revelation from a certain newspaper that a large-scale supermarket in Guangzhou sells crocodile meat shortly became headlines across China’s major online news website on May 5. The supermarket marks different part of the crocodile with different price. The most expensive is the crocodile feet at the price of 115 yuan per jin (230 yuan per kilogram, or roughly 40 USD per kilo), the body meat is 82 yuan per jin and the head is priced at 35 yuan per jin.

It is understood that the crocodile is not an endangered species that is under state protection.

The opinions of Chinese netizens are divided on whether crocodile should be banned from dining plate, with a majority of Chinese netizens appearing to be in favor of the idea while others think eating crocodile is not different from eating pork if the crocodile is not a rare animal.
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