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A Chinese man morbidly weighing 185 kilogram from Guangxi had 90% of his stomach cut off to lose weight in a hospital in Guangzhou....More

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On March 13, the 'most obese man of Guangxi', 38 years old Mr. Wen Bishan, perplexed by mobid obesity for years, was hospitalized in a Guangzhou hospital. Given a general anaesthetic, he was pushed into operation room and had 90% of his stomach cut off.
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By Bernd Chang

Want to lose weight? Then first lose your stomach. This appears to be the last straw a Chinese obese man can depend on to free himself from the pain of being too fat.

38 years old Wen Bishan from Liuzhou city, southwestern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region weighs 370 jin (185kg) with a modest 175cm tall figure. He once weighed 235 kg at the highest and has been called the “most obese man of Guangxi” .

Obesity has perplexed Wen Bishan since he began to gain on weight after entering high middle school. Within years his weight has increased to 470 jin (235kg) at its acme in 2011.

During the years when he kept putting on weight, he easily got hungry and had to eat six meals per day. The biggest problem lied however in the burden the excessive fat imposed on his internal organs. In October 2011 Mr. Wen was hospitalized to the ICU ward due to heart failure. It took 4 medical staff, his father and four uncles to take him onto the emergency vehicle and then transport him to the hospital.

Taking weight-loss medicine, exercise, dieting, fasting, and even folk traditional Chinese medicine, he has tried almost all routine methods to lose weight during the last ten years.

He appeared to have achieved success during the last year when his weight decreases from the acme of 235 kg to 185 kg through consistent dieting: a cup of egg album plus defatted milk as the breakfast, 150g of fish as the lunch and 250-500g of vegetables as the dinner.

But the drastic dieting was at cost of his health condition. He kept feeling pain and uncomfortable in the stomach. When diagnosed to suffer from gastric ulcer, he decided he could not go on with dieting.

To his desperation, he found he put on weight again as soon as he stopped dieting. After all efforts seemed to be in vain, he came to Guangzhou General Military Hospital for advice in February 2013.

When professor Zhang Yuxin, dean of general surgical department of the hospital advised him to have big portion of his stomach cut off, Mr. Wen did not hesitate to accept this once-for-all solution.

On March 13, Mr. Wen was hospitalized in the Guangzhou hospital. Given a general anaesthetic, he was pushed into operation room and had 90% of his stomach cut off.

The surgeon told him he would feel the losing weight effect in two weeks and see significant change on his figure in three months.


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