Guangxi man carries a 60-kg-heavy house every day on his 5-year-long journey back home on foot that is hundreds kilometers away


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Jun 7, 2013 11:18 AM   By Bernd Chang


It takes 38-year old Guangxi migrant worker Liu Lingchao 5 years to walk back home from Guangdong that is around 400 kilometers away. To save money for accommodation, Mr. Liu carried his 60-kg-heavy movable house every day with him as he moves from one city to another.

Guangxi man Liu Lingchao has turned himself into a human snail by building a house he can carry on his back wherever he goes, Xinhua reports.

Liu Lingchao, 38, from Tantou town, Yongan county, Liuzhou city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, carries his home every day as he moves from place to place on foot during his five years long, 400 kilometers distant journey starting from the prosperous Pearl River Delta in Guangdong where he had worked as migrant worker since 20 years ago.

When he decided to go home five years ago he built a portable hut so he could carry it with him as he hikes from one city to another.

It is the third portable home he has built for the long journey. His newest one is 1.5 meters wide and and 2.2 meters tall, offering him just enough room for a modest bedding and his travel necessities.

The simple but ingenious portable snail houses weighs about 60 kilograms and consists of plastic sheets attached to a light bamboo frame. This weight is not exactly easy for one man to carry, so Liu really is moving at the pace of a snail along China’s roads, but it allows Liu to set up a camp wherever he goes and offers him protection from wind and rain.

Along the way, Liu refuses any help from kind-hearted people and supports himself by collecting and selling recyclable plastic bottles and other waste materials.

The long journey is finally at its last stage. There is only 20 kilometers left for him to walk. Anyway, measured on his average snail speed at around 80 kilometers per year, he will not arrive at his home in hours or days.  

How sad is the life of Liu! But stop, he is anyway luckier than a Beijing migrant worker Dai Haifei, whose egg-shaped movable snail dwelling was forcefully removed from the street in December 2010 by Beijing Chengguan (City management officer) because it was built without approval from  relevant authority, forcing him to rent a house, which may cost half of his salary.

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