Guangdong police seal mouths of theft suspects with sticky tape, claiming to prevent them from confessing in collusion    (0/5)


Police in Huizhou, Guangdong province sealed up mouths of suspects with sticky tape during interrogation, raising public eyebrow....More

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Police was removing the mouth seal of one of the 23 suspects arrested during a raid on two mahjong parlors on early Saturday morning.
Wuhan student

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By Bernd Chang

The Huizhou police said they did so to prevent the suspects from confessing in collusion, because police did not understand the dialect the suspect spoke.

Officers at Chenjiang police station arrested 23 theft suspects in two mahjong parlors during a raid on early Saturday morning, Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

The suspects, all coming from Weng'an county, Guizhou province, are believed to have been involved in nearly one hundred theft cases.

Zou Chaolu, a lawyer in Guangdong, said sealing their mouths is not prohibited explicitly by law but there may be better ways to ensure collusion did not take place.

Chinese netizens seem to be more critical to the practice of the Guangdong police, saying the police ignored the basic rights of the suspects.

A NetEase user from Shanghai: Although it is not humane, these guys do not deserve humanity.

A NetEase user from Canada: You even know it is inhumane. This kind of practice should not exist at all!

NetEase user 咱想当爹的人: It is a flagrant abuse of human rights!

NetEase user 小小银月: It is a so-called rule-of-law country!

NetEase user 圣诞老虎: They do not deserve sympathy. The thieves are so detestable!

NetEase user feier14: I am disappointed to read some of the comments, which lack of basic sense of rule of law.  We can see how serious the nation has been poisoned by failed education. Even the most devil people deserve some basic human rights.

A NetEase user from Dongying, Shandong: They break the law while enforcing it.

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