Prosperous business in Shaanxi fur production base: tens of thousands of foxes, minks bludgeoned, bled to death, and then skinned


Chinese Society  Updated:Mon, Jan 13, 2014 07:56 AM   By Bernd Chang


A documentary tells us the prosperous but kind of cruel fur industry in a Xi’an village. Tens of thousands of foxes and ferrets are bludgeoned, trampled, bled to death and skinned.

A documentary provided by Huashangwang records the filthy and bloody scene happening in every winter in one of China’s largest fur animal breeding bases in Xi’an city, Shaanxi province.

According to the documentary, winter is the time when foxes and minks  are collectively slaughtered in the fur animal breeding farms in Nanwang Village, Lintong district, Xi’an city, Shaanxi province.

The Xi’an based animal husbandry base with a history of ten years, has now tens of animal feeding enterprises. And as many as tens of thousands of foxes and minks are raised there. And when the harvesting season comes, all of them except the breeding ones will be slaughtered during a short period of time from end of November to early December.

 To get the fur and skin of the animals, the first process is to kill them with the cruel but simple and cheap killing methods. Most of the foxes and minks are simply bludgeoned to death,  and those surviving the heavy blow on the head will be trampled until their last breaths.

After blood let from the bodies, they will be skinned. The freshly peeled-off skins will undergo some simple rough processes including removing oil, air-drying and etc. before being sold to the buyers from domestic leather clothing manufacturers and global traders.

Talking about humanity or animal protection to the animal breeders is kind of over-demanding on them. Raising and killing the animals are just their way of making a living. And to be frank, they earn little from the cruel business.

The fox fur is averagely sold at 500-600 yuan (80 - 90 USD) per piece, but just the feedstuff cost for every animal is nearly 300 yuan during the 9-month-long breeding period from March to November.

To save cost, the animal breeders usually feed the living ones with meat of their dead and skinned parents or siblings before buying meat feedstuff from the market.

Some of the breeders did not dare or were not willing to kill the animals they had brought up at first but the high cost they had to pay to conduct the killing forced them to be cruel-hearted enough to do it with their own hands. Shortly after some killing practice, they have got used to the slaughtering and even their grandchildren standing by do not cry and stream out of horror as they did before.


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