Is it too cruel: Ethnic Korean shoot chicken alive to death with arrows in Northeast China?


Chinese Society  Updated:Tue, Jan 15, 2013 21:07 PM   By Bernd Chang


Ethnic Korean Chinese in Northeast China's Jilin province shooting living chicken to death with arrows to celebrate a old Korean tradition has drawn nationwide criticism as too cruel and animal abuse.

On the Yanji Ice and Snow Festival that took place in Yanbian Ethnic Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Northeast China's Jilin province, ethnic Korean display their archery skills in accordance with the tradition: shooting living chickens to death with arrows.

This activity has drawn large crowd of visitors to the spot. While a lot of visitors (of ethnic Korean or Han) appreciate the archers' skills and join in the game, others frown at humans enjoying themselves by killing animals in a painful process and criticize it as animal abuse.

According to the organizer of the event, archery is a traditional hunting skill of ethnic Korean living in Northeast China. In old times, Korean depended heavily on hunting for their livelihoods and archery was one of the major skills that a Korean had to master to survive.

And the living chickens are used as the preys for practising archery skills according to the old Korean tradition.

In the visual world on internet, Chinese opinions are also divided although the majority do not support such activity.

@?????During the Yanji Ice and Snow Festival, citing retention of traditional customs as the excuse, ethnic Korean hanged up living chickens and let visitors to shoot them to death alive! We are angry at this cruel tradition. Humans have distanced themselves from the times when they ate animal flesh raw and drank its blood. We think we should selectively inherit the traditions. This kind of cruel tradition should not exist on the soil of Chinese nation as one of the four ancient civilizations.

Netease netizen ??? from Guangxi: Killing a hen in the kitchen is essentially not different from shooting it to death in the park. Anyway I still think it is very cruel, I do not know why.

Netease netizen ??20160607 from Guangdong: All lives should be respected!

A Netease handy netizen: Are you chewing the flesh of KFC chicken right now?

Netease netizen??2012 from Guangdong: We can eat it, but we can not amuse ourselves by harassing them to death to satisfy our abnormal psychotic mentality.
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