Does Chengdu use toxic colorant to dye city view lawn green to make the city look more environment friendly?


Chinese Society  Updated:Tue, Feb 26, 2013 21:53 PM   By Bernd Chang


A Chinese netizen from Chengdu posted on his Weibo that he saw city sanitary workers spraying green colorant to dye city view lawn to make the grass look greener and questioned the necessity of such image project.

Several city sanitary workers were spotted spraying green colorant to dye roadside lawn along the Chenglong Avenue in Chengdu, capital city of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, apparently aiming to make the grass look greener, reported a Weibo user 没头脑和吥高兴 on Feb. 8, 2013.

From the group of pictures uploaded by 没头脑和吥高兴, the liquid projected out of the sprayer used by the city sanitary workers were apparently green and the street well lids as well as ground were covered with green leftovers of the spraying.

“The lawn along the Chenglong boulevard were dyed with green colorant. Whether the colorant is toxic is unknown. Does it pollute the environment?” asked 没头脑和吥高兴.

The post had been retweeted for more than one thousand times within days before a reporter from local West China Metropolis Daily contacted the governing city building bureau of Longquanyi district.

An official from the bureau responded that the liquid sprayed were green enhancing solution and it also contained multiple nutrients which could enhance the anti-cold capability of the grass and make the city more beautiful.

“The greenness enhancing solution adds more nutrients to the grass and it is not harmful for the plant, human being, the soil and the environment. We began to use the greenness enhancing solution in 2008 and so far we have confronted with no problems”, added the official.

But Chinese netizens disagreed with the official’s remark, with some netizens pointing out that the sanitary workers in the pictures were wearing face mask when spraying the green colorant, which indicates the it is toxic.

And most Chinese netizens raise doubt to the necessity of the project even if the greenness dye was not toxic. "It is typical image project! Such projects abound before the Fortune Forum opens in Chengdu", commented Weibo user @GuSir928. "Those living along the Chenglong Boulevard have since long been used to it. Chenglong Boulevard is the image project of Longquan District of Chengdu", commented Weibo user @路得_.
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