Chongqing company orders staff to crawl on kneels publicly in city center in a training course, drawing criticism as employee abuse


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, May 5, 2013 06:06 AM   By Bernd Chang


A company in Chongqing required its employees to creep on kneels publicly in the commercial center of Chongqing in southwest China in a company training course aiming to enhance the capability of the staff to cope with working pressure, criticized as employee abuse.

After military style company training taking place in northeast China's Liaoning province, China sees another bizarre company training course in Chongqing in southwest China.

On the morning of May 2, many Weibo users disclosed that a group of company staff were crawling on kneels around the Liberation Monument in the commercial center of Chongqing municipality and in the meantime shouting slogans like “Cheers! Go ahead!”, drawing large crowd of curious passers-by to stop to watch.

A reporter from Chinanews rushed to the spot but found the company staff had left. Chongqing public security office confirmed through its Weibo account that a cosmetic company did conduct the crawling activity in the Liberation Monument Plaza in downtown Chongqing as a training course aiming to enhance the capability of the employees to work under pressure.

The Chongqing police advised the company to leave and criticized the organizer for conducting such kind of company training program, according to Chinanews.

The report has sparked sharp criticism from Chinese netizens toward the Chongqing company as lack of basic respect for employees. Some even say it is not to train employees, but to humiliate employees and abuse employees. Following are some comments from China’s largest news website

????????: They went so far as to think of such stupid pressure-releasing method and it is even more laughable that the employees followed the order to crawl on kneels!

A mobile user from Dongguan of Guangdong: Idiot! Are you human or dog? I would ask my puppy dog Awang to crawl around.

A mobile user from Longnan of Gansu: It is easy to say so, but the employees making efforts to survive had no choice.

A mobile user from Shanghai: The company did not show any sense of respect to the employees.

?????????: It is a method of the company to spiritually control and exploit the employees.

????????: They receive servile education in the schools and after graduation they experience servility.

A mobile user from Amoy of Fujian: The boss has been involved in abusing employees.
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