Chinese woman seen naked at home for sunbathing


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, May 5, 2012 04:14 AM   By Bernd Chang


A beauty in the building across enjoys naked sunbathing,not only exposing her breasts in broad daylight, she’s also exposing her own privates, truly without any sense of shame. Netizens suspect the beauty is actually a prostitute.

Following words are copied from, a Chinese social website.

Baring breasts in broad daylight, how open the beauty in the building across is.

Most people believe that women are more conservative/protective than men when it comes to matters of the body, but actually that is not so. In daily life, many women are more open than men. I lived in Guangzhou for a time, and while I was there several friends told me that there is a lot of good scenery to look at out the window. At first, I really thought there was good scenery, but only after looking did I realize it was a beautiful woman who bathed without even closing her window, her upper body completely visible. Today, seeing the news below [the photos above], I feel like the times have changed, that things have become more and more open/liberal. This beauty is not only exposing her breasts in broad daylight, she’s also exposing her own privates, truly without any sense of shame. I hope that other beauties will learn from this, otherwise they too could be secretly photographed and exposed on the internet!

This poster found this netizen named “What’s going on in the building across” on Weibo [a Chinese microblogging service like Twitter]. Amongst his microblog posts, the set of photos and diary that have been spreading online have already been deleted. On another microblog [account], though the photos have been deleted, the diary still remains. On Baidu Tieba [or "Baidu Post Bar", an online discussion forum], a netizen reposted the contents and photos of “What’s going on in the building across”, one post wrote: “[...] Just as I stopped to look out the window, I was stupefied by what I saw. A woman, who appears to be a ** [prostitute], welcoming the sun indoors [sunbathing], but what more, showing off her privates towards several hundred offices! At that moment, I became determined to watch her actions every day, and write a diary for her.” The date of posting was 2011 April 8th, and attached to it was a photograph. From the photograph, this poster can see through a window with its curtains open in the building across a stark naked female casually lying on the a bed directly facing the window.
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