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A teacher in a primary school in Shenzhen stamping different mark on the face of poorly behaving schoolchildren has drawn complaints from the parents. The woman teacher involved acknowledged she should have stamped the mark on the exercise book of the pupils....More

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The school girl has a red stamp on her forehead as a reward for her good performance. A teacher stamping red mark on the face of good students and blue mark of poor students in a primary school in Shenzhen draws complaints from the parents, September 25, 2012.
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Chinese schoolchildren
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By Bernd Chang

September 25, 2012, Shenzhen - Some Chinese parents complained to a local newspaper that their children got differently stamped on the face as rewarding and punishment in a primary school in Shenzhen, a booming coastal city in southern China's Guangdong Province. The involved teacher said the primary school has an activity encouraging good performance among the students but it was her own inconsideration that she stamped the mark on the face of her pupils instead of on their exercise books.

"If that a child poorly behaved can be the cause that a blue stamp should be printed on his face, what is the difference from engraving words on the face of prisoners in ancient time?" a parent called to Nanfang Metropolis Daily to complain yesterday.

After receiving the complaints, a reporter from the local newspaper was sent to the Shangfen Primary School on the Minzhi Street of Longhua District of Shenzhen. In the Class One of Grade Three, the reporter saw three children had stamp on their face, among whom a schoolgirl had a red stamp on the forehead as a reward and a schoolboy had a blue stamp as a punishment.

"This activity is to encourage children to strive for better place. As stamp on the exercise book will not fade in short time, I thought of stamping on their body as a method to encourage those poorly performing children to work hard to get more red stamps and less blue stamps. Now I really think it is not appropriate in doing so. I will reflect upon my mistake. And it is of my own in doing so and has nothing to do the school. ", the teacher Mrs. Guo, who was a new employee to the school, said in remorse to the reporter.

The vice headmaster apologized to the children and their parents and promised to reflect upon the mistakes in teaching, according to Nanfang Metropolis Daily.


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